Luis 64 bits

  • I live in Jalisco, Mexico
  • I was born on January 17
  • I am male

hi im Luis and im a car lover (yeah... when i grow up i will design some real cars (also some inspired from my hotwheels :) )) 

all of them are my favorite

also i played stunt track driver 1 & 2, turbo racing and velocity x, witch in almos all of them appears one of my most favorites and one of my wanted ones the way 2 fast, i also like classic cars, and like sone crazy and cool ones such the krazy 8s or the sharkruiser, one of my firstest cars i remember i got is the 2002 grave rove series krazy 8s, my lastest is 2014 rigor motor 

and not to presume but i have arround 60 to 80 cars

but sadly some of them are damaged, from wheels getting unchromed or unpainted to some plastic parts getting broken

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