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Hello, I'm PatrickF1, but my real name is Patrick Flanagan. I'm not on the wiki for everything, I'm just the editing kind of guy. well, enough on that for now. I've been collecting since 2003, though I have one '88 car, the Alien and one '95 car, the Shadow Jet. My favorate car is a 2004 Cat-A-Pult, who I naned Fred The Car. I added the "The Car" suffix because at the time I had a fish named Fred also. I want to be a hotwheels designer. I'll see if I can upload any of my designs in the near future.

My favorite page

My Decorations

I'm not really a Hot Wheels designer or decarator, but I want to be.  My first list is gonna be track aces because that's my favorite series.

casting # in aces Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Notes Photo
over-exposed [N] 1/10 black Hotwheels symbol, #5. black / plastic red tint chrome FTE2

comin' soon!

airflow [N] 2/10 red "track aces", yellow stripes, #47. chrome clear black PR5 comin' soon!
Trak-Tune 3/10 tan race flag decos, #6,purple, red, yellow, orange and stripes,  sponsors lime/metal yellow tint chrome EL (New wheel made by me. EL = electric lined.)  T-hunt comin' soon!
Honda S2000 4/10 white orange stripe, flames, #07, Hw symbol. black/ plastic clear orange red-rimmed PR5 retro track ace style decals Comin' soon!
Octainium 5/10 pale blue #78, sponsors, flames ZAMAC orange tint chrome blue 5SP Comin' soon!
double crosser [N] 6/10 red (front), transparent (back) #3, sponsors, "T-Aces" chrome clear chrome

yellow OH5

comin' soon!
Scion FR-S 7/10 metalfake olive large blue stripe on top, sponsors, #89 grey/metal tinted black black MC5 comin' soon!
'09 Nissan 370Z 8/10 metalflake red and metaflake blue "track aces". Nissan logo, flames, sponsors, #4, green tampos. black / metal tinted chrome J5 Retro track ace style decals comin' soon!
Power Pistons 9/10 lime green engine, "power Pistons", sponsors, #51. ZAMAC blue tint chrome green 5SP comin' soon!
SpecTyte 10/10 white #09, sponsors, orange decos. ZAMAC orange tint black FTE2 retro style track ace decals comin' soon!
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