About me

My name is Richard aka "Sleepercivic" on Redlinesonline, Hot Wheels, ebay, TTP and a few other sites. I've been collecting off and on since 1998. Of course like everyone else I had Hot wheels when i was a kid. Those mainly consisted of the Redline Flying Colors era. Although for quite a few of my collecting years I only did the original Redlines and Flying colors (of which I had over 400 cars), I have since sold almost every one off for other hobbies. I have focused my collection to Prototypes (which seem to be getting much harder to come by) and collecting specific castings. I'm a huge fan of the Modern Classics line that came out in 2008 and now like to collect every version of the newly tooled castings for that line (ie, 80 El Camino, 83 Silverado etc). I have tons of pictures from my old collection and hope to add these to the Wikia site.

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