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Me and my Baby next to a Real Life Bone Shaker!!(Legends Show 2019)

As a Stereolithography Technician if there is a car I want, PRINT IT!

About Me

Hello There! My name is Stan, a collector out in North Carolina. I have been collecting Hot Wheels since 2008. I remember the early days when I was going through my collection of 100 diecast cars to see if I had any Highway 35 World Race cars, and then in 2008 I had a weird theory about which car would be worth more. The car closets to the #1 in the 2008 New Models series or a 2008 Treasure Hunts Series car. Considering that the only Treasure Hunts I found was the Normal Thunt Brutalistic, the answer can vary.

My interest in Hot Wheels grew even more when my brother gave me a sealed Dark Rider Series (1995) Twin Mill II (1993). Its funny to think back then, how I thought how vintage the car was, and believed it was a "Museum worthy piece" and probably the "First Hot Wheels Car Ever!" Oh how wrong I was but it did push my interest more into the vintage and unknown side to the brand.

In my college I created my eBay site where I sold local finds and custom cars. Its at this time that I slowly realized collecting cars shouldn't fully be for the money, but for the artistic pieces they are, and the stories each one hold, is more valuable then their actual worth.

As I am currently on the hunt for anything Hot Wheels, I have made friends with local collectors, made deals with great people online, and found many cool cars. I am thankful for this platform to share my knowledge of Hot Wheels so that it may help any other collectors for years to come.

Thank you for checking my site out!

My Collection of Loose cars in a 25 X 15 to form the HW Logo

What I Collect

I tend to collect a lot of Oddities as long as its Hot Wheels I like to collect anything Vintage, from cars, to cases, to set, and everything in between. I also have a personal goal to collect at least one variation of every single casting. It sounds easy at first, until you think of all the rare side lines of vintage hot wheels series such as Sizzlers,, X-V Racers, and everything in between.

The Hoard2.JPG The Hoard3.JPG

It was during my search that I ended up having to find a single variation for the Hot Wheels Nascar line; Pro Racing series. As I was collecting each casting I remembered my early years as a kid collecting Nascars. Their value is not high (after 20+ Years) but their casting, Real Riders wheels, and colorful racing decals always impressed me and thought they where the coolest cars ever.

The Hoard20.JPG The Hoard17.JPG

As an older collector I'm surprised with the lack of information on the line and felt the pursuit to get ever single Nascar and document them, as some of the stockers are so rare, finding them was kinda like finding some lost media. With the Wiki being easily available to any collector, I want this series to be documented.

The Hunt Continues....

The Hoard.jpg

Links that I Created

'01 Dodge Intrepid Stock Car
'03 Monte Carlo Stocker
'03 Monte Carlo Stocker (Basic)
'10 Chevy Impala Stocker
'56 Ford C.O.E.
100th Anniversary of The Automobile in America
1997 Chevy Monte Carlo Stocker (disambiguation)
1999 Monte Carlo Stock Car (Basic)
2000 Monte Carlo Stock Car
2000 Monte Carlo Stocker (disambiguation)
2000 Pontiac Grand Prix Stocker (100%)
2003 Monte Carlo Stocker
2003 Pontiac Grand Prix
Art Deco Bus
Back Burner (Top Speed)
Ballistik (McDonald's)
Bigfoot (1991)
Bigfoot Champions
Bi-Sector (Top Speed)
Buick Stocker (Disambiguation)
Buzzin' Bomb
Chevrolet Monte Carlo Stocker
Chevrolet Monte Carlo (100%)
Chevrolet Monte Carlo (Motorized X-V Racers)
Chevy Stocker (disambiguation)
Chevy Impala Stocker (disambiguation)
Cobra Stunt Set
Crashers (2007)
Crew's Choice
Cryo Pump
CUL8R (McDonald's)
Cyber Climber
Dodge Intrepid Stocker (100%)
Dodge Stocker
Don 'The Snake' Prudhomme 2-Car Set
Ford LTL
Ford Stocker (1998)
Ford Stocker (2000)
Ford Stocker (disambiguation)
Ford Stocker (McDonald's)
Ford Taurus Stocker (100%)
Ford Taurus (Motorized X-V Racers)
Ford Thunderbird Stocker
Ford Thunderbird Stocker (100%)
Ford Thunderbird (Motorized X-V Racers)
Freightliner Columbia
Funny Car Race Team 4-pack
General Grievous' Wheel Bike (Starship)
Haulin' Horses
Hot Wheels Racing Selects
Hot Wheels RC: Remote Control
Hover Pram (Starship)
Lockheed Martin X-33
Lotus Sport Elise (McDonald's)
McLaren MP4-14
Monte Carlo Stocker (100%)
Monte Carlo Stocker (Pull N' Go)
Moto Track Stars
Motorin' Music Set
Pontiac Grand Prix Stocker
Pontiac Grand Prix Stocker (100%)
Pontiac Grand Prix Stocker (Basic)
Pontiac Grand Prix (Disambiguation)
Pontiac Stocker (Disambiguation)
Pontiac Stocker (McDonald's)
Pontiac Grand Prix (Motorized X-V Racers)
Pro Circuit Motorcycle
Probe Funny Car (McDonald's)
Prototype Posters
Race Ace (Monster Truck)
Raijin Go
Reynard 97L (Basic)
Reynard 97L (Disambiguation)
Reynard 97L (McDonald's)
Road Repair Series
Road Vac
Robo Wheels Series
Saltflat Racer (McDonald's)
Shock Rod (Top Speed)
SpecTyte (McDonald's)
Speed Cycles
Start Your Engines!
Sting Shot
Stingin' Thing
Stunt Ratz
T-Bird Stocker (McDonald's)
Taurus Stocker (1998)
Taurus Stocker (2000)
Taurus Stocker
Team Transporter
Thunderbird Stocker (disambiguation)
Thunder Cycles
The Original Hot Wheels Soundtrack
Tool Box
Twinduction (McDonald's)

Check the Links out! Can use all the help needed! Feel free to edit and make submissions! Thank you!


The Hoards!!!

Custom Cars

Resin 1/64 Cars

Who Knows what amazing prints Ill come by in the Future!

Hot Wheels Gifs

Made these gifs for Hot Wheels castings. I hope to encorage every user of the wiki to create a short stop motion clip for each casting and create a .gif for them.