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<font face="Impact">[[User:SyndicateOfSpeed|<span font="Impact"; style="color: #CFECEC;">SyndicateOfSpeed</span>]]</font>|<font face="Impact"><small>[[Customs|<span style="color: #2234;">SyndicateOfSpeed Customs</span>]]</small></font>|<font face="Impact">
<font face="Impact">[[User:SyndicateOfSpeed|<span font="Impact"; style="color: #009900;" title="View my profile where you can find out how to modify your own cars as well as see some of my own.">SyndicateOfSpeed</span>]]</font>|<font face="Impact"><small>[[Customs|<span style="color: #009900;"title="View my custom cars as well as some other users custom cars.>SyndicateOfSpeeds and other users custom cars.</span>]]</small></font>|<font face="Impact">
<font face="Impact">[|<span font="Impact"; style="color: #990000;" title="View my youtube video of my collection.">SyndicateOfSpeed Car Collection</span>]</font>|<font face="Impact">

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