The Cherrybomber

  • I live in Some place in sunny California
  • My occupation is Diecast collector/Writer
  • I am Male
Hot wheels car culture wall

Hello everyone! My name is Matthew, and I am a semi-devout collector. I mainly like to collect Hot Wheels premium, as you can see I have a pretty awesome wall, But of course, this is an old picture of it seeing my OCD makes me want to redo the wall every two weeks.

I tend to enjoy collecting car culture, not because Lamely endlessly praises the series more than anything else, but because every segment that is released accommodates the cars that I like to collect, ranging from Group 5 Silhouettes all the way to a slammed D21 Nissan truck. Even though technically I am labelled as a bandwagon collector since I collect everything that everyone else collects, I don't necessarily care, seeing that I've been liking what HW makes.

If you want to see an eclectic collection belonging to an eccentric mind in a hectic room, go follow @deadstardiecast on instagram, That's me.

Also, I'm a major speed machines foamer. Unfortunately though, most of them are too expensive to buy, despite I have the murcielago lp-670SV

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