David 'xdroop' Mackintosh

Casual collector in Ottawa, Canada.

My philosophy regarding collecting is that I do it because I enjoy it; that I target certain models merely because I want to. This is not an "investment" or anything like that. These are toys. I therefore take them out of the blister packs. They get rolled around, and some even get played with (I have a mess of track that occasionally gets trucked out and set up). I think that people who think this is going to be some kind of investment are fools; there are millions of these modern cars in circulation, so none of them are going to be worth anything significant.

There are thousands upon thousands of Hot Wheels models and model-types out there, it would be impossible to collect them all. I have therefore tried to focus my collection on these models:

  • Pikes Peak Celica
  • Pikes Peak Tacoma
  • Super Tuned
  • Dodge Daytona Charger (1969/1970)
  • Plymouth Road Runner
  • Fandango
  • Tow Jam
  • Ferrari 355 Challenge
  • Ferrari 333 SP
  • Semi Fast
  • Ford Escort Rally
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R
  • Commodore SS-VT

My collection in this respect is fairly complete, with me knowingly only missing one or two instances of each model type.

That aside, I generally buy cars which I think are interesting. Right now, "interesting" means one or more of:

  • realistic (not 'Tooned) LeMans or GT style racing cars
  • realistic rally and raid cars
  • (practically) anything Ferrari

Of course, my definition of "interesting" is infinitely flexible to suit whatever catches my fancy.

Generally speaking, I do not like the classic American muscle cars, hot rods, or "classic" cars. And just to show that there are exceptions, I'll mention that I have around 10 Corvettes of varying vintages.

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