Hey Bob, just let me say that I have stayed out of your dispute with Kenny. I am a collector as much as anyone and have done a pretty decent job assembling a fairly decent collection all by myself. With the Wiki, I am not here to shun anyone's creativity. Being an artist myself I understand how it feels to be limited when all you are doing is trying to be creative and think outside the box. With that said, I feel as WE ALL as a community need to forget this past and move on. We can start by addressing the Invader page where I believe this all stemmed from. To me, when dealing with an issue of format I had previously, and still continue to think, that a democratic vote by the community is the best way to go. Could you please help me see another way of going about it as an administrator? I try to be fair and no one person (even an admin) opinion should outweigh the next. Can we agree this is the route to go?

To, Kenny, David & Bob, can we put this in the past and move on? Lets drop all the name calling, especially the "HaarHitler" reference. If any continues, we are going to have to take this up with the Wiki Staff.

I have some ideas, including maybe even writing down some of our "unwritten rules" (with some exemptions of course). Please work with me and valuable members of this Hot Wheels society and lets come to solutions. Agree? Please post your responses.

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