1. There is no list of all the castings

2. If you try to find all the individual castings by looking at the new castings for that year you have to look at two lists: castings in mainline, and castings outside mainline

3. The list of castings in Mainline (First Editions) are Version centric, meaning that they are focused on listing particular versions of the casting, not focused on the Casting itself and what makes it apart.

4. The list of castings outside mainline is even worse, it's just a list of names

5. I propose this table to list castings and not versions, with columns that characterize the casting, not the version

6. If the table proves to be too long to be practical, then we might split it by year.

7. Discuss!

Year Name Toy# Designer Make Model Type Debut Mainline Premium Last Photo
2003 Hyundai Tiburon 56383 Mark Jones Hyundai Tiburon Licensed Road Car First Editions Yes No 2007
2004 Cadillac V-16 Concept B3567 Phil Riehlman Cadillac V-16 Concept



First Editions Hardnoze Yes No 2005
Cadillac V16 04 Black
2011 A-Team Van W9068 Manson Cheung


New Models Yes


Hot Wheels A-Team Van - 00738ef
2008 Carbonator L9951 Alton Takeyasu


New Models Yes No 2019
2019 Hot Wheels Carbonator 2nd colour
2015 Drifsta CFH23 Jun Imai


Race Car

HW Workshop HW Drift Race Yes No 2019
2017 Porsche 962 Mark Jones Porsche 962


Race Car

Car Culture: Race Day No Yes 2018
2017CC962 (Large)
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