Ok, but put the penny in the miracle kids network tank...

Cause I'll counter your logic with the same logic.

If this, and I mean THIS card art change, goes on a page, that shows all the different card change overs that were routine, and there were LOTS over the years, this is unique, as unique as the Ground Hog Day bike with and without shadow (I hope they're represented here as 2 versions, if not they should be)

It's that uniqueness that makes it qualify as a version in the table.

So, just like you said, bad idea to treat varies even close to how everyone seems to want to treat this one.

I don't think any argument will sway me on this. And I think time and tide will serve my cause - to give this artwork change, midstream, the significant treatment it deserves, so that when someone "discover" the Invader casting, years from now, this uniques event is as clear as a bell if it's listed as a separate line in the version table.

If NOONE else sees it my way, then I guess I'll just have to live with it.

But if you haven't looked into my argument regarding it's simililarity to the Fright Bike in 2001, check south texas, check Zarnock's ultimate guide and you'll see the choking sticker and printed versions of the card listed as separate variations.

And if you're a fright bike fan, the logos on both the seat and the wheelie bar went from the old one to the new one. Casting change during it's first color run, of which the card and signify which one you MIGHT get if you know one side of the coin or the other, so to speak.

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