At first I thought the pop up was a pain, but I got used to it pretty quick and am not so sure I dislike it anymore. I do the right-click like Brad said or, once the photo pops up, click in the lower right corner and you get the image page too. I've been sometimes not clicking all the way through once it pops up and it's large enough to reveal the detail I'm interested in.

And as far as playing nice, I thought I WAS until the tri-level hacking of the work I did on the invader page. And like I told Kenny, I didn't take the gloves off first - I just defended myself in my opinion.

I'm wondering, did you see how I separated the invader page on the talk side? Just like the Chevy Tahoe/Nitro Doorslammer/ custom 77 Dodge van. You'll have to go to the history cause I undid it after your suggested handling of the situation.

And the project I was last working on, threading the 02, is still up in the air until I get at least SOME feedback on what I was doing with the image not available. Again, see the Fed Fleet series and the Screamin Hauler(and talk page) from the Spectraflame set.

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