aka Ratthawat

  • I live in Hat Yai, Province Songkla, Thailand
  • My occupation is Medical student
  • I am Male

Naming of images

Hi Pine132, please note that you should give your images a descriptive name. You just added "Hot Wheels 3 ๑๗๐๘๒๔ 0056.jpg". That is an example of a name that is not descriptive. Thank you in advance and welcome! EDIT: You also added "Hot Wheels 3 ๑๗๐๘๒๔ 0053.jpg", that too is not a descriptive name. Also, please be careful when adding images, please remove the "thumb" coding. ALSO, IMPORTANT: if you do not give your images a descriptive name in the future we are forced to delete them.

  • S 106659848.jpg
  • S 106692610.jpg
  • S 106692610-0.jpg
  • S 108642314.jpg
  • S 108642318.jpg
  • S 108642311.jpg
  • S 108642322.jpg
  • Hot Wheels 3 ๑๗๐๘๑๒ 0032.jpg
  • Hot Wheels 3 ๑๗๐๘๑๕ 0001.jpg
  • Hot Wheels 3 ๑๗๐๘๑๖ 0046.jpg
  • Hot Wheels 3 ๑๗๐๘๑๗ 0030.jpg
  • Hot Wheels 3 ๑๗๐๘๒๔ 0053.jpg
  • Hot Wheels 3 ๑๗๐๘๒๔ 0056.jpg

Stephan3321 (talk) 12:39, August 24, 2017 (UTC)

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