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And lastly, if you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a message on my talk page and I'll see if I can help! BigBadBrad01 (talk) 12:49, August 16, 2013 (UTC)

Enjoy the Hot Wheels Wiki!


Hi Stephan i was wondering if you could email me I have a question for you, Thank you so much.ANDREW NEWCOMER (talk) 22:23, November 8, 2017 (UTC)

Hi Andrew, I will e-mail you this afternoon/evening. Stephan3321 (talk) 07:16, November 9, 2017 (UTC)

Please Come Back as admin

Konnichiwa/Hallo Stephan3321 Please come back as admin once again, there's still so many vandalism. We really need your admin Ability. also why Kenny Haarfager Block you and Patty Hot wheels got block by him too? but why Kenny block you. you are doing good job. but please come back as admin. Budwill97 (talk) 01:31 AM, September 6. 2017 (UTC)

Hi Budwill97! I would love to come back as an admin! I have asked HaarFager to make me an admin again. He blocked me because of an disagreement we had, but that is resolved now. Same goes for Patty, although I don't know if the issue between those two has been resolved. If (= when) I'm back I will immediately pick up were I left! Thank you for your good and kind words! Stephan3321 (talk) 07:05, September 6, 2017 (UTC)
@Stephan3321 Vandalism is really unconfortable for me and other people to read it. Kenny should be consider as admin why update some stuff is disagreement. look. you are more update and always active in this wikia unlike This is a test 86, he should be not become admin if he have less work than you. I really appreciate your Job Stephan. that's why we still need you. Thank you for replied. Budwill97 (talk) 06:15 PM, September 6. 2017 (UTC)
Hi Stephan I'm glad to see your back in as an admin. I so appreciate all the work you have done and all the help you have offered up to myself. Glad to see you back in your position.ANDREW NEWCOMER (talk) 22:07, September 6, 2017 (UTC)
@Budwill97: I also hate vandalism. Though, not every vandalism act is intended to be vandalism. Sometimes it is just a bad edit. I will look into that and guide them to a correct edit. And, as you might have seen, I am an admin again.
@ANDREW NEWCOMER: Hi Andrew NEWCOME! Thank you for you kind and nice words! I will (of course) continue to deliver good work and help people. I have a small list with jobs to do already ha-ha. Stephan3321 (talk) 06:33, September 7, 2017 (UTC)

Default Sort

Hey Stephan. I see you have edited the DEFAULT:SORT line on some pages i have created. I know nothing about the source code other than what i need to to make the edits i do. Could you explain what this line means so i can edit it myself next time instead of relying on you or someone else? Reeceracing (talk) 07:33, September 5, 2017 (UTC)

Hi Reeceracing. The DEFAULTSORT code does one simple thing: it makes sure that the casting are included in the category page in the correct order. So for instance: the 1970 Chevy should come before the 2010 Mustang. That's the only thing the line of code does. Before the number comes a '#' (so #1970 Chevy). And we write the number complete (so, not "#70 Chevy", but "#1970 Chevy"). I hope this helps :) Stephan3321 (talk) 07:48, September 5, 2017 (UTC)
Thanks heaps! I just tried it on the '37 ford page i just created, looks like it worked good! Thanks!!! :)Reeceracing (talk) 08:06, September 5, 2017 (UTC)

Help Request

Hello/Bonjour. I was just wondering whether or not you would like to help me with my new wikia I created for antivirus software. I feel that it's a wikia that the internet well, needs with all this risk of hacking and other nonesuch activities. Mind giving it a try? I am going to need some extra help to get this together and if you know someone who wants to help, direct them to my wiki. Thank you for your time. --JDM My Ride (talk) 15:52, August 31, 2017 (UTC)二千十七年八月三十一日星期

Hi! I don't know a lot about antivirus software. I am using Windows Defender which is awesome at detecting malicious programs. And once every while I scan using Malwarebytes. Stephan3321 (talk) 16:34, August 31, 2017 (UTC)
Well, I'm a fan of Norton Antivirus, which you can even use the Norton SafeSearch which gives you even whether or not a page has any viruses or computer risks on it. My Mother being the tech wizard in the family and me, the w=one who is incompetent with programming, fishing, driving and mathematics I started the Antivirus wiki for the purpose of giving customers to these softwares, well, somewhere to be able to pick apart the differences between software and just get the facts and not the hard sell. --JDM My Ride (talk) 17:08, August 31, 2017 (UTC) 二千十七年八月三十一日星期


I notice you're not filling in the summary of each and every edit you do on the Hot Wheels Wiki. This is something everybody needs to do. I hope you understand what I'm talking about so that later you can't say I never explain myself. Kenny HaarFager (talk) 13:50, August 28, 2017 (UTC)

Hi, I do it most of the time. But sometime it's a very small edit and it is simply easier to directly publish it. Also, on my mobile phone you can't give a summary. Stephan3321 (talk) 16:10, August 28, 2017 (UTC)
Well, all I can say is that it may be simpler for you to "directly publish" it, it is not simpler for me or any other administrator in keeping up on things. I actually spend most of my time on here making sure newer users don't keep making the same mistakes over and over, so it helps to see the gist of what the edit was. I would much rather create image pages and upload images of vehicles, but somebody has to make sure things stay consistent on here, so please help me out and always leave a summary of every edit. Let's work together on this for the good of all, okay? And if you can't leave a summary of your edits on your cell-phone, perhaps you shouldn't be using your cell-phone. If it won't allow you to properly use the wiki, please only use the wiki when you can do everything you're supposed to. Thanks for trying to work with me by doing this, because after all, We are here to make the wiki better together. Kenny HaarFager (talk) 18:50, August 28, 2017 (UTC)

Could use some help

I tried to create a new page for a series that is not on here as of yet. It seems it created it but I can not place it in the right area. I'm not sure I did it right. Can you please assist me in correcting this and advising on what to do for future endeavors. Thank you, Page created is "2017 Camouflage series" Thank you Andrew Newcomer ANDREW NEWCOMER (talk) 10:29, August 13, 2017 (UTC)

Hi, ANDREW NEWCOMER. Do you mean this series: Camouflage Series? That already exists. If you want to add the year 2017, just make a new header on that page with

==2017== and copy the table from your page. I will make sure that the other page gets deleted ;). Thanks for adding the series! Awesome job! Stephan3321 (talk) 08:05, August 14, 2017 (UTC)

On a related note, the Camoflamage 5-pack was renamed, when it shouldn't have been. I didn't know how to fix it. Could you? Or is that administrative level stuff? And on that note, I was disappointed to see your administrator status revoked. I thought only the one who promoted you could demote you? And since he's also a bureaucrat, I don't think you could have blocked him. Good luck on getting your status reinstated. Patty's Hot Wheels (talk) 17:40, August 13, 2017 (UTC)
Hi, you should be able to rename the page, even without administrator abilities. But if you still have problem with it, I am more than willing to do it for you. I was really surprised too to see that. I also don't know why HaarFager demoted me. Apparently every admin can demote you, since Brad didn't do it. I already asked Brad on his blog to re-instate me as admin, but no response. I also left a message on This is a Test 86's page (since he's an admin too, I noticed?). HaarFager and This is a Test 86 aren't online that much. Maybe you can ask This is a test 86 too to re-instate me as admin? I also thought about asking you to become an admin, since you seem to know a lot about the functions of the Wiki and about our collectible cars. But, I can't do that know ha-ha. I also wanted to remove the achievement for categorizing, since that function seems to be easily fooled. Stephan3321 (talk) 08:05, August 14, 2017 (UTC)
Hi Stephan, I placed the page as you directed but I noticed its listed under 2016 not a 2017 cat. Its burried in hotwheels by series in 2016/ 2016 Hot Wheels, Wal-Mart Exclusive, 2017 Hot Wheels. Not sure how this is.. Thank you ANDREW NEWCOMER (talk) 22:30, August 15, 2017 (UTC)


I noticed you changed the heading on the Hot Wheels Wiki homepage from "x number" registered users to something else. It had been that way for over 10 years. Why did you change it? Kenny HaarFager (talk) 17:32, August 4, 2017 (UTC)

Why did it change? Have you never noticed it said "as of 2006"? We are in 2017 now. Who cares how many pages/users we had in 2006..?Stephan3321 (talk) 17:28, August 5, 2017 (UTC)

Stop ChangingThings

Stop changing things just for the sake of change! It is not something that needs to be done on the Hot Wheels Wiki. This is your first warning. Kenny HaarFager (talk) 17:00, August 4, 2017 (UTC)

You are not going to give me a warning without telling what I am 'doing wrong'... Stephan3321 (talk) 17:29, August 5, 2017 (UTC)
This is your second warning. Any user that knows how to navigate this wiki would find it easy to figure out what I was talking about. But to spell it out for those that are "Wiki Challenged," you changed the whole wording on the homepage to something that wasn't needed. As an Administrator, I have to keep this wiki focused. Kenny HaarFager (talk) 23:27, August 5, 2017 (UTC)

Unnecessary categories for Tampos

Hello Again, I've noticed User:Julthep has created a plethora of categories for the Tampos themed around various auto parts companies, such as Greddy, T Tein, etc. Is that really necessary? I mean, those castings normally only have one or two releases with said Tampo theme on them anyways. --JDM My Ride (talk) 01:55, August 2, 2017 (UTC)二千十七年八月一日星期二

Hi. Yes, I though about that. On one hand I would say it indeed is unnecessary. On the other hand, for some collectors it could be useful. For example people who only collect models with Mooneyes tampos or GReddy... A special page for those models is also a bit too much. I would love to hear your opinion. Stephan3321 (talk) 08:46, August 2, 2017 (UTC)
Well, allow me to use something you said about one of my edits as precedent for my case.

When for the Time Attaxi Casting I inserted information about the Hong Kong Taxi's colour-by-area-served- system and even provided a link to the site from the Hong Kong Government on this topic, you deleted it saying quote " color-coding is not really important since the HW model could have all the colors in the world " That being said, it can also be that way for Tampos, couldn't it? I had an idea, maybe create a category or page that broadly covers all these special corporate-livery cars and then sorts them into a table(S) for the different Companies, such as Tein, Greddy, ADVAN, etc.? --JDM My Ride (talk) 15:09, August 2, 2017 (UTC)二千十七年八月日二星期三

Good point. I indeed think it's best to create a page with these often-used brands. This could be simply one page named "Special Liveries" or something. We could make headings for each often-used livery (i.e. Gulf, Stein, GReddy, Mooneyes). Then a table listing the model, color and an image. Stephan3321 (talk) 06:58, August 3, 2017 (UTC)
Creating a page to cover all of these unneeded categories would be better. More pages with more information is always better for researchers who are looking for something. Kenny HaarFager (talk) 16:52, August 4, 2017 (UTC)


Thanks for adding the default sort back to the Deora II page! I had initially added it back in 2008 and the user known as Lamborghinilp700-4 came along and removed it, along with all the categories in 2015. I hadn't noticed that it had been removed. So, thanks again for adding it! Kenny HaarFager (talk) 21:26, July 19, 2017 (UTC)

Help Indentifying

Were the cars from the General Mills series Hot Wheels like the others were? I cannot find these anywhere.
IMG 20170206 192520747
Joelfg (talk) 00:33, February 7, 2017 (UTC)
Could you make a photo from the base? Stephan3321 (talk) 06:13, February 7, 2017 (UTC)
At first I thought it belonged to TRC Diecast, but the company was not formed until 2013 and went out of business last year. These were from 2008. I am now assuming that they are not given there is no Mattel or Hot Wheels designation, but thought I might be missing something.
Joelfg (talk) 06:36, February 7, 2017 (UTC)
If you Google this: "trc diecast stockcar" you'll find some cars that are the same aa yours. Stephan3321 (talk) 13:04, February 7, 2017 (UTC)
I tried that before and found some of the same thing, but the TRC Diecast company didn't exist until 5 years after these cars were produced. I would like to believe that it is theirs, but there is no explaining the 5 year gap. Also, after more investigating, the company itself, has never done anything smaller than 1/43 scale. Joelfg (talk) 00:46, February 8, 2017 (UTC)
I re-Googled them and I think they are Richard Petty's. Google for "richard petty diecast cereal". It seems they were used in cereal cartons. Stephan3321 (talk) 16:44, February 8, 2017 (UTC)
Because I am enthralled with this answer now, I sent an email to General Mills asking about it. I will let you know what I find out.  At the same time I noticed General Mills which is why I have the confusion. Joelfg (talk) 03:53, February 9, 2017 (UTC)
When they answer your email, please keep me up to date. I'm curious now! Stephan3321 (talk) 06:13, February 9, 2017 (UTC)
Sadly, they never returned the email after multiple attempts. Joelfg (talk) 18:54, April 28, 2017 (UTC)

Table Question

Hi! Thank you for the message you left on my page! I would like to ask a question as a response. I have noticed a difference in two tables on this wiki and I have been using the only that looks incomplete, the one that only has lines going across the screen. How do I get a proper table? Like the ones used on Hot Wheels cars pages? Like for example, Grass Chomper. I am getting my table by clicking "insert" then "table", but I must be doing something wrong. Any help would be terrific! Thank you! 

Hi, what I always do is copy the table from a new (normal) casting. Why a new casting? They have one row, which saves me time deleting the info in that row. To be honest, the "insert table" feature is not the easiest to tackle. I have experienced that it is much faster copying and already existing table.Stephan3321 (talk) 08:37, April 16, 2017 (UTC)
Hello, I just tried it out on the 2017 Monster Jam Series and it worked great! Thank you so much for your help, and when I get the time, I will redo all the pages that look incomplete! Thanks again. HotWheelsNEWS
Awesome, keep up the good work! Stephan3321 (talk) 06:18, April 18, 2017 (UTC)


I don't think anything has changed in regards to using Mattel's copyrighted pictures from the Hot Wheels website. We're not supposed to do that.This is a test 86 (talk) 05:19, April 28, 2017 (UTC)

Those images are not watermarked and free available on the web. Next to that, they offer some of the best quality images you can find of models for which nobody takes good enough photos. These are the reasons I upload them; they are consistent and of high quality. Stephan3321 (talk) 06:12, April 28, 2017 (UTC)
Just because you're able to download and save those images does not mean that they are allowed to be used here. Even without watermarks, they are still copyrighted by Mattel. Do you have permission from the owner to use them? Please do not add these pics on the wikia. This is a test 86 (talk) 23:39, May 3, 2017 (UTC)
Official permission is request at Mattel/Hot Wheels. We'll know within a few weeks what they think. Stephan3321 (talk) 09:10, August 14, 2017 (UTC)

Help Identifying

I have a 2008 Lancer Evolution, HW Race Team, 6/10. The back and code is in the style of 2017 (no QR code) and has no collector number (like a Treasure Hunt or Exclusive car)
08 Lancer Evolution Red
It is in the 2016 set, but not this paint job. Any clues? Joelfg (talk) 18:14, April 28, 2017 (UTC)
Hi, it appears that your Lancer is a 2017 Kmart exclusive model ([[1]]). Stephan3321 (talk) 18:19, April 28, 2017 (UTC)

Edit Overload

I apologize for going on an edit spree today that lasted me upwards of 2 hours. I am sorry if I swamped the recent activity thread. (I had time to kill and lots of it) I know you're an admin and your job is make sure edits are accurate, and I went berserk like a runaway train of edits. I decided to categorize and some other edits as you have probably seen some of. I hope I helped, but I am sorry if my runaway editing takes up your time. --JDM My Ride (talk) 18:26, April 30, 2017 (UTC) 二千十七年四月三十日星期日

Your edits are okay! It's good to see that people care about this Wiki. I would like to ask you to continue with your edits ;). I do not check every edit done, especially not when they are just categorizing edits. Keep up the good work! Stephan3321 (talk) 07:14, May 1, 2017 (UTC)
Thank you for your understanding. On a side note, as I categorize based off market, may I undertake the endeavor of creating a category for American cars?

--JDM My Ride (talk) 21:49, May 1, 2017 (UTC)二千十七年五月一日星期一

Please do! You're making good edits! Stephan3321 (talk) 19:49, May 2, 2017 (UTC)

This is a Test 86

Hello again. User:This is a test 86 has undone my categorization for the Lumina Stocker and placed it in the category for American Carswhen the Lumina was actually assembled in Canada. His arguement being and I quote from his talk page: You're doing it again. We don't need random categories for where cars are assembled. It's barely pertinent to Hot Wheels itself. You are confusing Hot Wheels with real cars. The Lumina is a Chevy, and one produced for the American market, therefore an American car. This is a test 86 (talk) 03:32, May 4, 2017 (UTC)

I carefully explained to him that Lumina was produced solely at the Oshawa plant in Ontario with the exceptions being the first Generation 4-door model and the last generation of Lumina. Is the categoriy for the nationality of car a violation of wikia policy? The editing guidelines don't say so, I just want to confirm whether my edits are actually permitted or not. Also, User:This is a test 86 placed the Lumina Stocker in the "Category:American Cars" after saying that if the car is intended for the US Market, then it's an American car. That logic makes no sense at all. the Honda Civic Si (2006) is a US-market car. (the SI badge is only used in North America at current), but does that make the Si Civic American? It's assembled in Japan and shipped across the Pacific to US shores, therefopre it is not American. The Lumina was assembled in Canada, therefor is Canadian.

I also quoted the page Hot Wheels Wiki:Administrators in my message to him this morning on the subject of Admin responsibilities and rules: Administrator powers should be used to help keep the wiki clear of vandalism, spam, and users who make malicious edits, but not for simple disagreements between users acting in good faith. Ideally an admin shouldn't be considered "in charge". The ideal admin is just someone who is trusted to have a few extra buttons and to use them for the benefit of the Wikia community. --JDM My Ride (talk) 14:52, May 4, 2017 (UTC)二千十七年五四月日星期四

Hi, I understand your point. I will look into it! I will see what I can do and will formulate an opinion about this topic. I'll keep you updated. Stephan3321 (talk) 20:39, May 4, 2017 (UTC)

Thank you for your help. Also, should there be a category for cars that were assembled in both Canada and the US as a disambiguation of sorts? Because of political agreements made between My country and the US in the 1950s and early '60s, some models are assembled on both sides of the border, but this has changed a bit due to the US policy changes and Canada's industry changing as well. --JDM My Ride (talk) 21:41, May 4, 2017 (UTC)二千十七年五四月日星期四

Let's straighten some things out. First and foremost, the Lumina Stocker is a stock car version that would never have rolled off a Canadian assembly line or any other to be exact. This would have been hand built. Second, the Chevy Lumina is a car made by an American company made in Canada to be sold in the US. Therefore it is an American car. A car made in Japan by a Japanese company and sold in the US is still a Japanese car. A car made in the US by a Japanese company and sold in the US is still a Japanese car. The Lumina is an American car by virtue of it being made by an American company for sale in the US. Third, one does need permission from anyone to create categories. All these categories people are making are straying too far from the point. All we need are categories of where cars are from based on where the parent companies are based out of. There are some small exceptions though. This is not one of them. This is a test 86 (talk) 23:03, May 4, 2017 (UTC)
The fact it was a car assembled in Canada makes the car Canadian. You just said so yourself if a Car is assembled in Japan for the American Market, then it is still Japanese. A car assembled in Canada for the US (And Canadian) market therefor classifies as Canadian. Also, a stock car is modified, not entirely built by hand, the bodywork and chassis comes from the factory. Even a 'white body' chassis- one selected at the factory for racing homologation still comes form the factory. Also, with the logic of the parent company's base dictating the nationality of the vehicle, then cars never sold in the US, such as Ford's European MK I Capri, Escort and the Australian-market XB, XC and XA Falcons which are not American at all, would be classified as American cars. --JDM My Ride (talk) 23:15, May 4, 2017 (UTC) 二千十七年五四月日星期四
I did not say that at all. You're not understanding me. A car assembled in Japan for America is still Japanese by virtue of it being made by a Japanese parent company. A car assembled in America by a Japanese parent company is still Japanese by virtue of it being made by a Japanese parent company.
Let me try to simplify this. A car made by an American company for USDM regardless of where it was manufactured is American. A car made by a Japanese company for USDM regardless of where it was manufactured is Japanese. Ford European cars are an exception since those divisions were autonomous units of Ford.This is a test 86 (talk) 23:29, May 4, 2017 (UTC)

If we are going to debate design and engineering, then the Volkswagen Golf GTI counts as Italian, because the styling was done by Ital Design in Italy, Pinnanferrina did the design for the French Peugeot 205, but even though the design was done by the Italians, it's a French car. Another example, the Delorean, which was again, Italian designed and engineered, but made in Northern Ireland. Also, the Lumina was not Exclusive to the US, there are still a few on the roads here in Canada. Also, the 1974 Brazilian Dodge Charger was engineered in the US, but due to Brazilian law, assembled there and in the casting name itself, the car is Brazilian. Same logic goes for the Chevrolet SS, desigjne dby Opel, but again, Brazilian built. --JDM My Ride (talk) 23:31, May 4, 2017 (UTC)二千十七年五四月日星期四

Car Culture-related question

Hello/Bonjour, I have a question I want you to consider for me about Hot Wheels and car culture. In recent years, Hot Wheels has expanded its portfolio of castings to include cars that very well represent the JDM, Australian racing, Import tuner and Truck subcultures and when I was thinking about this, a question arose: What Hot Wheels casting best encapsulates modern youth culture? I will pose this question to a few other contributors on here as well so I can form a better basis on this matter over my own loose basis I have as-is. Thank you/Merci/감사합니다/ありがとう for your time. --JDM My Ride (talk) 18:29, July 6, 2017 (UTC)二千十七年七月六日星期四

Hello Australiancarlover, that is a difficult question to answer. It depends on which youth you are looking at. In Holland BMW E30s are popular. But since cars are expensive due to taxes here there are not really "cultures". When we take a look at the new generation YouTube youth, we see that they buy high-performance/super/hyper cars (of which we have to few in the Hot Wheels line-up). It's funny, in the USA and other countries JDM, Imports and Trucks are super popular, but in The Netherlands none of those really stand out. Everyone does its own thing; you like a VW Golf? Drive a Golf. You like a RX-5? Drive that. You saved money for a Lambo? Drive a Lambo! This answer doesn't help you much, but that's how it is in The Netherlands. Stephan3321 (talk) 07:04, July 7, 2017 (UTC)
Well, OK you said the modern youths (again, because of my personality, hobbies and generally tendency to be a loner there is a bit of a disconnect with me) like high-performance cars and you are right, JDM is popular here. According to my father, who works in the auto body repair industry, most of the JDM imports are owned by the children of the Asian Diaspora, mostly sons and daughters of the owners of trading firms and supermarkets. Now, over in the Philippines where most of these migrants are from, JDM imports (Provided they receive the LHD Firewall swap) are not uncommon over there, so when they come over here they may buy a JDM import for some summer fun. My conclusion was because of modern youths liking to fit their cars with speakers and the Japanese-styled 'ricers' as they are known have taken the import scene by storm, the car I think could be a good candidate for representing youth culture today would be the Seared Tuner , but I feel that one might be a better representation actually of the tuner culture in Asia. What do you think?

--JDM My Ride (talk) 16:33, July 7, 2017 (UTC) 二千十七年七月七日星期五

It is difficult to point to one car which represents the youth. Sure Mad Manga or Seared Tuner might be good for JDM culture. Pagani Huayra, Alpine A110 or Lamborghinis might represent European youth culture. Though Rinspeed Σtos, Lucid Air Alpha, Tesla Model X or other exotic electric car might also represent modern car culture. Stephan3321 (talk) 08:41, July 12, 2017 (UTC)
OK, so let me ask you this, in Europe, what kinds of modifications are applied to the cars most youths with the money perform on their cars? I think that should be a good place to start, then we look at the castings and match the mods to the style and the style to the youths? Maybe? Just trying to think a little more in-depth here.

--JDM My Ride (talk) 19:36, July 12, 2017 (UTC) 二千十七年七月十二日星期三

Very minor modifications. Cars are lowered, sometime a spoiler is added. But that's about it. Engines are (chip) tuned, new exhaust is installed. The old school modification days are over. And if you have the money, you buy a modified car, modified by Novitec, Mansory, XXX Performance. That's about it. Stephan3321 (talk) 12:31, July 19, 2017 (UTC)

My Response

Now there is no reference to New! for this year, as it has appeared on every new model since the New Models line was discontinued in 2013. How is that better? And how is the series information better in the notes column? Add in all the code stuff and again, it makes everything look way less professional. The column for series is where that information belongs. Patty's Hot Wheels (talk) 17:17, July 14, 2017 (UTC)

Hot Wheels were born in the USA. They are as American as Baseball and Apple Pie. This wiki was started, focused on the USA line. Look at 2011 and see how the primary is USA market. You have erased ALL US markings by renaming what has been a fixture here in the US, for 4, going on 5 years now. All new models/first editions in the mainline are marked with New for this current year. Having the year and New Model stuff in the notes column makes THAT column a nightmare. Patty's Hot Wheels (talk) 18:32, July 14, 2017 (UTC)
I'm also curious why you're talk page is categiorized as an american car? Patty's Hot Wheels (talk) 18:33, July 14, 2017 (UTC)
Everybody raises good points about this issue and I'm trying to figure out what would be right for the way things are done here on the Hot Wheels Wiki. When a vehicle was released as a "New Model" in the past, was it listed as that on the cards? My next question is are they now listed as "New for 2017" or whatever year they came out? Is there a page for 2007 New Models? Yes, I see that there is. Is there a page for "2006 New Models?" I see that there isn't. And I wonder why and what is the difference? I guess I never noticed the pages dedicated to just new models before. It seems either redundant to list them there as well on pages such as List of 2007 Hot Wheels, but then, I think this wiki works better with more information. Looking at various pages with these things in mind, I see that between 2006 and 2012, new castings were listed as "New Models" and that was the category they were released in. They seemed to have dropped that category and now every new casting is listed in whichever category they belong in and that there is no longer a category called "New Models." Since nobody made a fuss or tried to create pages for "New Models" before 2006, then I'm going to have to say that the information "New for 2017," etcetera does not really belong on each separate casting's page or on the main pages named "List of 2017 Hot Wheels," etcetera. But I think people might be interested in knowing which models are new for any particular year, so pages such as "2007 New Models" might be a good idea. Since "New Models" was a category name they were released in, after they stopped using that category, such pages probably should be renamed as "New For 2017," etcetera. The fact that new releases were not identified as such before 2006 leads me to believe that the whole "New Models" category was just used as a promotional tool by Mattel. Promotions start and then they end. It appears that "New Models" have been dropped by Mattel so maybe we should maintain Mattel's reality here on the Hot Wheels Wiki when we're creating pages and categories and not go by that method anymore. I do think people might find pages that list only the new castings for a particular year as being helpful, so, logically,we should also be able to create pages for new models for any years before 2006. It boils down to this: I don't think we should use "New For 2017" or whatever year on each model's page or on pages that list the entire line for a particular year because it doesn't conform to the standard that was set on the Hot Wheels Wiki when it was created. Kenny HaarFager (talk) 21:35, July 14, 2017 (UTC)
@Patty's Hot Wheels:
It seems that category was added by mistake by someone when he was editing my Talk page. I can't seem te remove that. I have to investigate it.
There is a reference to "New". It's located in the table on the List of xxxx Hot Wheels and on the model page. New models is not an official series. Those models are just unreleased models until then. Are we going to list "Back in mainline" or "First time in mainline" in the series column? I hope not. The McLaren F1 GTR: this year is the first time in the mainline. Are we going to list that in the series? No. Are we going to list that in the Notes column? Yes. All the 2017 Replica Entertainment HALO models were new (with the exception of the Warthog). Are we going to list them as "New for 2017" in the Series column? No. Do we list them as 2017 New Model in the Notes column? No. So, how can we see when they were first released? Look at the info box. Look at the first year it came out. The series information is not better in the Notes column. But "new models" isn't a series anymore. They used to be part of a mainline series. Now they are not. They are just never-issued-before models.
Stop saying "Hot Wheels is American", "Hot Wheels is focused on the American market", "Everything is focused on America". Cheese and mills are typical Dutch, cheese is sold in the USA. You have mills and tullips. Does that mean no one else can talk about them? I don't think so. This Wiki is accessable for everybody. Worldwide, not just American people. As soon as HW started to sell models in the overseas areas, it was no longer focussed on the USA. Hot Wheels are a worldwide product. You don't like that? Too bad. There is one link in the Notes section. There would be two in the Series column. If that would be a nightmare, I would love to switch our nightmares... We also don't list "Walmart exclusive" or "Kroger exclusive" or whatever exclusive it is in the Series section, do we? No. And why not? It's not a series. It just happens to be sold at just one store. Some goes for mainlines: they happen to be sold worldwide and there happen to be new models released each year.Stephan3321 (talk) 21:46, July 14, 2017 (UTC)

There are pages for current new models since they just sum up what is new. There are collectors who only collect each casting once: the first release. By going to the 2017 New Models page, they can easily see which models they are missing or which are released. After HW stopped naming them "New Models" officially, we continued to use the "term" New Model for newly released castings. We don't continue HW's series, we are combining all new released cating in one page. Sure, maybe there should be a Category for i.e. 2017 New Models. But a Category page is more difficult to access than a 2017 New Models page. And we have the "2017 First Released" category. Which included the new models. We didn't need paes for the pre-2006 New Models since they were combined in a mainline sub-series. We just give the collector information about which mainline castings are new for that year. And besides that, 2006 is 11 years ago, we can't continue an outdated standard which doesn't fulfill our wishes, needs and demands anymore. Stephan3321 (talk) 21:46, July 14, 2017 (UTC)
What I was saying about pages such as 2007 New Models is that "New Models" was the series name they were in - so a page was created just for that series. Since we no longer have a "New Models" series, we need to stop using that on pages such as 2017 New Models, as we no longer have any "New Models" series. Now we need to name pages such as that "2017 First Releases." And what are you trying to say when you said "And besides that, 2006 is 11 years ago, we can't continue an outdated standard which doesn't fulfill our wishes, needs and demands anymore?" So what if 2006 was 11 years ago? Hot Wheels came out in 1968 and that was 49 years ago. So what? What has the year got to do with anything? I think having a page that only lists the new castings for any particular year is just more information for people out there that might use that kind of information. What "outdated standard" are you talking about? It looks like the Hot Wheels Wiki was created in 2006 and that was 11 years ago as well. But we WILL continue using the standard it was created to be used as because if it doesn't fulfill any user's wishes or needs or demands, that user should create his own wiki and do it however he wants it be. Kenny HaarFager (talk) 22:55, July 14, 2017 (UTC)
I think that mainline sub-series should not have their own page. After all, the sub-series can be found in the List of xxxx Hot Wheels. So my opinion is that that the pre-2007 New Model pages are a bit unnecessary. What I think we do need is a page listing all newly released castings (since they cannot be found easily on the recent List of xxxx Hot Wheels pages because they are scattered through the mainline). We could name those pages "2017 First Releases" (for example), but couldn't that create problems? Since basically every 2017 model is a first release in that color and with those tampos. When using the phrase "New Model", not referring to a series or anything, but just the phrase, it is immediately clear that the casting is new, and not the release. Thanks for fixing the "Catergory problem" btw! Stephan3321 (talk) 09:30, July 17, 2017 (UTC)

default sort and numbers

Why did you change the default sort code for some of cars whose name begins with the year of the model from a 4 digit year back to a 2 digit year? If you look at these screenshots of the licensed cars category, you can clearly see that all these cars are now out of order.
`14 Corvette Stingray Convertible
`15 Mercedes-AMG GT
`16 Honda Civic Type R
`17 Pagani Huayra Roadster
`67 Austin Mini Van
`70 Chevelle SS
`70 Toyota Celica
`85 Ford Bronco 4x4

Maybe you are unaware that the software reads from left to right.
That's why cars these now appear before the 1927 Ford Model T.
`14 Corvette Stingray Convertible
`15 Mercedes-AMG GT
`16 Honda Civic Type R
`17 Pagani Huayra Roadster
all come before any cars named 2000 or later.
And these now won't show till after any 2000 model, because 67, 70, and 85 all come after 20. I hope my explanation was clear enough. Patty's Hot Wheels (talk) 13:18, July 20, 2017 (UTC)

Yes, I too would like to hear the answer to this perplexing question. Kenny HaarFager (talk) 05:23, July 21, 2017 (UTC)
I thought it would sort correctly anyway. I will correct it! And will fix it for future castings! Thanks for the heads up! Stephan3321 (talk) 09:25, July 21, 2017 (UTC)

A Navigation idea

I've asked Brad and now Kenny and am getting no help. Would you do me a favor. Edit the MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation page.
It controls these drop down menus.
Add the code below to the file, and the drop down menu will include all the categories listed. maybe even add more.

  • Category:Castings|Castings
    • Category:Hot Wheels by Year|Hot Wheels by Year
      Category:Hot Wheels by Series|Hot Wheels by Series
      Category:Hot Wheels by Manufacturer|Hot Wheels by Manufacturer
      Category:Hot Wheels by Designer|Hot Wheels by Designer
      Category:Hot Wheels by Collector Number|Hot Wheels by Collector Number
      Category:Hot Wheels by Distributor|Hot Wheels by Distributor
      Category:Model Grouping|Model Grouping
      Category:Hot Wheels by Body Type|Hot Wheels by Body Type
      Category:Hot Wheels by Nationality|Hot Wheels by Nationality

  • Hot_Wheels|More Topics

    • Special:RecentChanges|Recent Changes
      Special:CreatePage|Create a new page
      Special:SpecialPages|Special Pages
  • Special:Randomincategory/2017 Hot Wheels|Random 2017 Casting

    • Special:Randomincategory/2016 Hot Wheels|Random 2016 Casting

  • Hot Wheels Wiki:Community Portal|Community

Just go into source mode and copy what's between the "code" tags.
MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation. Like a random casting from a few years, to many. I'd draw he line at like 10.
Patty's Hot Wheels (talk) 21:44, July 20, 2017 (UTC)

Hi, I've added some categories. HW by Collector Number limits the link to a small part of the HW line-up.HW by distributor isonly relevant for a certain part of the world. Model Grouping is a mish-mash of brands and models. What do you mean with "Like a random casting from a few years, to many. I'd draw he line at like 10."?? Stephan3321 (talk) 09:44, July 21, 2017 (UTC)
Awesome!! What I meant - under the drop down menu for random casting, brad changed it from 2016 to 2017, why not just have both, or more. So...
  • Special:Randomincategory/2017 Hot Wheels|Random 2017 Casting
    • Special:Randomincategory/2016 Hot Wheels|Random 2016 Casting
    • Special:Randomincategory/2010 Hot Wheels|Random 2010 Casting
    • Special:Randomincategory/1995 Hot Wheels|Random 1995 Casting
    • Special:Randomincategory/1982 Hot Wheels|Random 1982 Casting
    • Special:Randomincategory/1976 Hot Wheels|Random 1976 Casting
    • Special:Randomincategory/1974 Hot Wheels|Random 1974 Casting
    • Special:Randomincategory/1969 Hot Wheels|Random 1969 Casting
    • Special:Randomincategory/1968 Hot Wheels|Random 1968 Casting
I would also like to see one added under
  • Hot_Wheels|More Topics
    • Special:MultipleUpload|Upload Photos
Patty's Hot Wheels (talk) 13:39, July 21, 2017 (UTC)
I added them. Good idea! Though I could only add 7 random pages, so I chose 2017-2012 and 1971 for some old models. Also added the "Add Photos". Thanks for suggesting good things ;)! Stephan3321 (talk) 14:33, July 21, 2017 (UTC)
Thanks! doubly! I can't tell how long it took me to re-find the multiple upload page! I forgot - totally - where they hid it. Bummer we're limited to seven - maybe one year from each decade, 1968, 1976, 1984, 1995, 2007, 2016, 2017?Patty's Hot Wheels (talk) 20:30, July 21, 2017 (UTC)
PS - thanks for finishing off those double redirects.

Couple of things

Since This is a test isn't a beauracrat, I doubt he'll be able to help. If Brad made you an admin, then I'm pretty sure there is a rule somewhere that haarfager broke by demoting you. But since Brad seems only interested in using the wiki as a lure for his ad driven blog, i doubt he'll be of much help. He's not answered questions to his talk page in a god's age. I thought it poetically funny when kenny dumped his user profile page with the comment about leaving the place to the lunatics, when from my perspective, us prolific editor's(lunatics) are keeping the wiki going in a positive direction - the beauracrats all have their own self interests, and kenny's only interest it seems is making up rules that make no sense. Like changing from naming a series page by NAME and not year of release. Like using image: tags in the galleries, no information allowed on category pages and more if I spent time thinking. He seems more interested in wielding power and blocking people willy nilly. He pontificates about standards and meanwhile YOU did more for helping others with your layout blog (should be part of help page and in a drop down menu under community) than his chasing SO many users away through his poorly explained and irrational method of "guiding" users in doing things neatly. And as for the other bureaucrats - I think the founder passed away. I feel like he must have for brad and kenny to be allowed to run a muck the way the have. Watch I get blocked for these comments. Take care and good luck. Patty's Hot Wheels (talk) 20:34, August 14, 2017 (UTC)

I thought all admins could promote someone to become an admin. Since active admins can keep an eye on users to see if they are admin-worthy (to say it that way). Yesterday I did a quick Google about the rules of demoting an admin, but with no success. Even though Brad's blog is very informative, it would have been nice if he was a little more active on the Wiki, since he's an admin (sysop) and Bureaucrat. Or at least pass his responsibilities to someone worthy.
I indeed think that we "lunatics" keep the Wiki running. Keeping a Wiki up-to-date isn't a one-man job. Even though we all want to do it ourselves to keep it neat. The only self-interest I have is making the Wiki a more complete place, be it with the help of Mattel or with the help of more Wiki members.
Kenny seems to contradict himself a lot: He thinks more info is better (I agree in most cases) but wants to omit info from pages that need it (take for example the Category page "One Hit Wonders", I recently answered a question from an user who didn't know what it meant). I also noticed in the SpecialPages:BlockedUsers that Kenny blocked many people (recently) without giving them the option to edit their/the admins Talk page (like he did with me). That's unfair, you should give them at least one option to contact the blocker. I listed my blogpost on the home page of our Wiki, but Kenny removed it. He also re-changed the "We are already working on the list of 2017 Hot Wheels". I changed it to '2018 Hot Wheels' since the 2017 mainline is known and completed and 2018 models are already appearing on card. He seems to do a lot without thinking about it properly, or even explaining his thoughts.
I honestly would disagree heavily if you'd get blocked. We are a democracy, not a dictatorship. Users are allowed to give their opinion about other users, admins and bureaucrats. Though they should always do it in a respectful way without swear words or foul language.
Have fun on your holiday!
PS. If I understand your page-naming problem correctly, you think series pages should have a year in the name? For instance: 2017 Camoflage Series? If that's the case, a lot of pages would appear. If a series is released in multiple years, they should be listed at the same page (Car Culture, Halloween cars, Christmas cars etc.). What could be handy is a redirect of the name with year. I.e. series page is Camoflage Series, with 2016 and 2017 models listed in a different table, and redirects are: 2016 Camoflage Series and 2017 Camoflage Series. Stephan3321 (talk) 06:28, August 15, 2017 (UTC)
No. I don't even like the New Models page names starting with the year. Should just be New Models (2018).Patty's Hot Wheels (talk) 20:50, August 18, 2017 (UTC)
There is something to say for both ways :) Stephan3321 (talk) 09:34, August 19, 2017 (UTC)


As far as I'm concerned, his blocking of you and removing you as an admin was TOTALLY inappropriate - returning your administrative status with no valid explanation of how what you did has been resolved, is proof he is out of control.Patty's Hot Wheels (talk) 14:14, September 7, 2017 (UTC)

I gotta wonder, cause you don't seem aware that your administrative status was reinstated?Patty's Hot Wheels (talk) 19:31, September 14, 2017 (UTC)
What shows that I don't seem aware of it? Because the "Admin" insignia has reappeared and I have many more options for editting the Wiki now. And thank you for welcoming me back!! :) Stephan3321 (talk) 19:43, September 14, 2017 (UTC)
Bad choice of words... what I meant to say was I've seen no admin action taken nor a response here. And I have no idea how much different your screen looks. Never been an admin. Patty's Hot Wheels (talk) 01:40, September 15, 2017 (UTC)
Oh, like that. Sorry about the lack if response, I simply forgot about your message. I have deleted some unnecessary pages, deleted/renamed images. What would you like to see me do as an admin? Well, actually the doesn't look that different; I gained a "Admin" note next to my name and the option row on the bottom of the screen is extended with more options. Stephan3321 (talk) 06:21, September 15, 2017 (UTC)


Thank you for the edit on my uploaded images. I hope this is where a proper response should go. Please let me know if I'm doing something wrong. I've looked at the "help", but it's vague at best, so I'm doing the best I can. When you upload an image, is the "description" field filled in then? Thanks again. 

Hi, you can respond here. That's no problem. Just don't forget to check here for a response then ;). I have added an image explaining. You can upload an image with the red-circled button on the pages. Choose your image and insert a descriptive name in the yellow-circled field. That's all :). If you have more questions, please ask! Stephan3321 (talk) 15:43, September 19, 2017 (UTC)
Image upload explanation

Nru7FgpreZ56tktixgtL (talk) 02:53, September 17, 2017 (UTC)

Recently Deleted Images

Did you see the Go Kart page? You deleted tons of pics!Patty's Hot Wheels (talk) 01:11, September 19, 2017 (UTC)

Hi, well actually, I did not. These images were changed by the owner into the "Image not available picture" and were marked for deletion by the owner. That's why I deleted them. I just reverted the images to their original image. Stephan3321 (talk) 13:36, September 19, 2017 (UTC)

Hot Rod Custom Van

I think you guys made a mistake. I mentioned it to Australiancarlover, but I guess he didn't think it was important. Hotrodcust.van1 Patty's Hot Wheels (talk) 02:17, September 27, 2017 (UTC

I can't change the name of a page to the name on the base because a rather incomplete page exists with that name. I'm not an administrator so there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.JDM My Ride (talk) 14:13, September 27, 2017 (UTC) 二千十七年九月二十七日星期三
Can you link the incomplete page or copy the name here? I can fix it. I will delete the incomplete page and move the correct page to that name, and update the links to the correct page. Stephan3321 (talk) 14:57, September 27, 2017 (UTC)

I'm thoroughly confused by both your responses. Steve, you deleted the Hot Rod Custom Van Page before I was able to do a full check and try and figure out why there were multiple pages for what seemed like the same casting. If memory serves me correctly, it seemed like both pages were started by admins? And Aussie dude, why didn't you just update the page with the proper name and put the delete tag on the page with the name that does NOT match the base? Is the picture of the base not showing up? Patty's Hot Wheels (talk) 17:27, September 27, 2017 (UTC)
I don't really understand why the page can't be renamed? The page Hot Rod Custom Van does not exist. So why not just rename it? I certainly didn't start the page. I know I deleted one page since it was marked for deletion with the reason being an incorrect name. What needs to happen exactly? Stephan3321 (talk) 11:36, September 28, 2017 (UTC)
I'm guessing undeleting/restoring the Hot Rod Custom Van, then checking to make sure that everything from that page gets incorporated to a complete listing for the proper name - the only pic I remember off the top of my head was the base pictured above - but I'm old and my memory is likely wrong.Patty's Hot Wheels (talk) 15:11, September 28, 2017 (UTC)

Need help renaming a page

Hey Stephan. The Volkswagen T1 Panel Bus and the Volkswagen Microbus (from the 100% Line) are two different castings, but were on the same page (VW Micro Bus). I created a new page for the Volkswagen Microbus (as above), and deleted it off the VW Micro Bus page and went to rename it to Volkswagen T1 Panel Bus, but it appears that name already redirects to that page. Is there a way that you can fix this? Thanks, Reece. Reeceracing (talk) 07:07, October 10, 2017 (UTC)

Hi Reece. Good job!! I checked it quick and I can fix that for you. There are two options: delete the redirect page and rename the VW page, or copy the info to the redirect page and delete the old page. When I am at home, I will check which option is the best one. Since it depends on the amount of links to each page. I will let you know when it's fixed! EDIT: fixed.Stephan3321 (talk) 08:03, October 10, 2017 (UTC)

Star Wars Carships

Hello Stephan. Earlier today I was going to ask something but got to do so, now I will do it anyway: could you do something to differenciate the Carships for the Starship on the links to their pages, like what was did with Millenium Falcon. I'm going to make a page for every Starship and it would be very helpfull. Thank you!!! Tonny6660 (talk) 00:45, November 10, 2017 (UTC)

Hi! Yes, I will add that to the name. But I think we should capitalize "Carship" and "Starship". Stephan3321 (talk) 07:42, November 10, 2017 (UTC)
I agree with that, there are some of them that aren't spaceships like Rey's speeder, Jabba's Sail Barge and some other vehicles. What would be a good way to differenciate "Carship" and "Starship" if one day a car-form is going to be released? I forgot to ask who I could differenciate the two versions of Aquaman & The Flash character cars.Tonny6660 (talk) 22:47, November 10, 2017 (UTC)
True! But those ships you name are released under the "Starships" series. So 'Carship' and 'Starship' says something about the series, not the type of ship/model. The easiest way to differentiate between two models with the same name is to use the year of release (just like we do now with models). That would be a good way to keep the naming consistent. Stephan3321 (talk) 21:17, November 11, 2017 (UTC)

HI Stephan, I'm still editing the justice page so should have it right shortly. by ANDREW NEWCOMER

At-A-Tude is not licensed

Hey Stephan3321 user Tich3e is mistaking At-A-Tude casting as licensed vehicle but on package there's no licensed, i'm sorry if bothering you i'm just give you report. JOHN70, November 21. 2017. 1:21 PM (UTC) here's proof.

Your right John I was wrong. Stephan, please don’t block me because I made a bit mistake for adding categories. It was Unlicensed. My apologies. Tin Tich3e (talk) 23:01, November 20, 2017 (UTC)
20171121 131843
Hi John and Tin. @JOHN70, thank you for the heads-up! That's why multiple people help with the Wiki, to correct information. @Tich3e, why would I block you? You thought you made a correct edit. That's why we are a Wiki and not an official HW site. You can make mistakes here, there are a lot of people around here who can notice your mistakes and fix them. Nothing to be woried about. Stephan3321 (talk) 13:21, November 21, 2017 (UTC)
Hey guys, just putting in my two cents here. I think maybe it's not 'Licenced' but should be categorised under 'American Cars' 'Studebaker Cars'. The article says it 'bares small resemblance to a Studebaker', but if you look at a 1953 Studebaker Champion and the At-A-Tude you can see that they're clearly the same car, just the hotwheels version has been turned into a drag car. Even the name is a reference to sTUDEbaker. Reeceracing (talk)
Hi, it may be based on a Studebaker, but isn't licensed as such. Thus is not a licensed Hot Wheels car. And since it's no official Studebaker car, we can't give it the category of either 'American Cars' or 'Studebaker Cars'. What we can do to make it more clear, is to add an image of the 1953 Studebaker Champion (to which this model is based) on in the Gallery. Stephan3321 (talk) 22:03, November 21, 2017 (UTC)
Hi Stephan, thanks for your input. But what if someone wanted to know what Studebaker cars hot wheels has made? They wouldn't be able to find it. And why is the Studa-Beaker categorised as Studebaker Cars and the At-A-Tude and Bullet Nose aren't? Also, are pictures of the 1:1 cars allowed in the gallery? Especially considering the debate happening on Kenny's talk page. Reeceracing (talk) 01:25, November 22, 2017 (UTC)
Hi, good point! I am also not a fan of creating yet another category for "based-on Studabaker" cars... Maybe it's better if we do included them, but only the car brand, not the country of origin (since that is not verifiable). But we should clearly state in the Description that the car is "based on the Studebaker". We should keep the 1:1 car pictures to a minimum (I would say 1 is sufficient), and only if it really adds something. I have done it for some cars (Airport Rescue {although there are a couple of images that add to the description}, Haulin' Gas). I partly disagree with Kenny: we are a fan site, fans of HWs and fans vehicles. Of course, we can't write pages about the real car, but we should include some useful and fun-to-read information on them. So 1 paragraph per car should do. Stephan3321 (talk) 21:57, November 22, 2017 (UTC)
Good idea! Although it would have to very clear what the car is based on or else we'd have people putting things like the Gulch Stepper in 'Dodge Vehicles' because it kinda looks like a Dodge Rampage or the Bull Whip in Ford because it kind of looks similar to the Parnelli Jones Baja Bronco. It would probably work best on a case-by-case basis like what we are doing here. I also agree with you that some info on the 1:1 cars is nice, but pages like the Thomassima III and Jaguar XJS are overkill. Reeceracing (talk)

Added the Description of the '18 Camaro SS

Hi, Stephan. Can you please help me adding the Description of the '18 Camaro SS? I need to know the information if I could make a correct edit. Thanks! Tin Tich3e (talk)

Hi Tin, please go ahead an add a description for the '18 Camaro SS. Since it is a special model made in cooperation with Hot Wheels, I think it will be interesting to write something about how the cooperation came into being, how the car was designed, what makes it stand out and the specs. Please go ahead and if you need help, please ask me! Stephan3321 (talk) 11:17, December 11, 2017 (UTC)

Message on talk page

Hi Stephan: Thank you for your kind comment. It is appreciated a comment like yours in relation to my mistakes publishing pictures in the galleries. I just read my talk page and I found several comments about my mistakes. One threatening to block me for vandalizing the page. I am not a computer expert, and it was not my intention to do so.

I think, that kind messages like yours are encouraging, and not rude messages that create bad feelings. This hobby and this page in particular should encourage fun and friendship.

I will try to do my best. Thank you so much Renato (Adeñatsac)

Hi Renato, that was the feeling I want to spread across this Wiki. Everyone is welcome. I also completely disagree with blocking users when they are just starting to learn about editing on the Wiki. Thank you for your edits! And keep going! Stephan3321 (talk) 11:29, December 14, 2017 (UTC)

Jeep CJ-7/Trailbuster/Roll Patrol Jeep CJ

Hello again. Some time ago this trio of pages appeared on my searches separately. Few moments ago I took quite sometime comparing them and I came with the following conclusion: Roll Patrol Jeep CJ version 1 is the same thing as Jeep CJ-7 and Roll Patrol Jeep CJ version 2 is the same as Trailbuster, so there are 2 castings in 3 pages.There are some releases that are one but in the other, which are vrey few. What can be done to change this situation, it can cause confusion.Tonny6660 (talk) 00:21, December 15, 2017 (UTC)

You could merge the pages that are about the same casting. If you do that, please also ipdate all links linking to those pages.Stephan3321 (talk) 06:45, June 5, 2018 (UTC)

Hi Stephan: I just upladed an image to Haulin' Gas. Was it correctly uploaded?  Thank you again

Renato Zarate

Appropriate to add photos help?

Hi Stephan. Do you think it would be appropriate to add the following photos to the 2015 New Models and 2016 New Models pages? Maybe at the top of the page like I have on the category pages? 

Photo 1 , Photo 2

Thanks, Reece Reeceracing (talk) 04:42, December 26, 2017 (UTC)

Awesome pictures. Maybe it’s best to pit them in a Gallery as the first picture. That keeps the page a little bit cleaner and neater. Stephan3321 (talk) 06:58, June 5, 2018 (UTC)

Community Portal

Admin assistance needed Hot_Wheels_Wiki:Community_Portal. Mach 5 (talk) 20:14, March 4, 2018 (UTC)

On which topic exactly? Stephan3321 (talk) 06:43, June 5, 2018 (UTC)

I need clarification

Good evening. Stephan3321

Sorry to bother you. I hope you can see what happened to me in time. I did not understand why so much fury with the collaborator, that by the understanding, I was asked to delete my page with this question: "... Hey David.marconi1 Where's my car? ...". I did not pick up anybody's car and did not say that no car misses me without being. In the past I was suspended for vandalism because I did not want to intrude an ina and did not know how to undo the "crap" I did. I researched and never touched anybody else. I did a search and I did not understand why I received this message on my home page. I hope this misunderstanding is clarified. If you need to refuse any improper editing, any incorrect publication. But he wanted this clarified. I am a Hot Wheels collector and I do not intend to delete my page. David Marconi 02:44, June 5, 2018 (UTC)

Hello David, I’m not really active here anymore. But it seems that Mach 5 has a veeerryyy direct way of saying things. It seems that you made a few minor mistakes during editting. Something he could have pointed out in a different way. Please, try to solve it with him yourself. As far as I can see it you didn’t do anything wrong nor vandalized something. Stephan3321 (talk) 06:42, June 5, 2018 (UTC)
  1. I think he was talking about User:JesseWeber1995to2015 adding candidate for deletion to his user page.
  1. my last comment to David's talk page was after finding so many things wrong with his past edits - in frustration.
  2. Community page has list of users ignoring/not seeing warnings about bad picture names, thumbnails in tables, links in galleries, customs and more. No administrator has addressed these issus in months.
  3. Welcome back. I hope you get more time to help here. We need it. Mach 5 (talk) 15:52, June 5, 2018 (UTC)


Good evening Mr. Stephan3321  

Turning to thank you for your attention. I want everyone to know that if you have a person who pays attention to          the notices of administrators and mediators this guy is here. Not only respect but I try to perfect myself. A little            bit. I was very annoyed with me even though there were 18 days to win the 200-day edition medal, I ended up            getting in the way, plus everything. About my editions for not being an expert in programming I have tried to be as cautious as possible and I was              not called to attention. On the above subjects, everything was clarified and the (User:JesseWeber1995to2015 ) was definitively banned from this Wiki. I found it very thoughtful of you about the comments and the approaches you have taken. Thanks for the trust              and know that you can always count on me. We like a hobby that sometimes to get some items we have to pay a furtuma, recently I paid $ 50.00 for a Bugatti Veyron (toy: 56392 - Card). In love with miniature Hot Wheels cars, you can believe that I am always aware of the contributions and improvements of this Wiki. A big hug. David Marconi 00:41, June 7, 2018 (UTC)

Welcome Admin

Hi Stephan, No time no see! How’s life going? Tin Tich3e (talk) 06:39, June 5, 2018 (UTC)

Hi Stephan! Hope all is well. --Reeceracing (talk) 11:41, June 5, 2018 (UTC)
Hi Tich3e and Reeceracing! Life's really busy. But that's not the reason I stopped contributing to this Wiki. I wanted to make the Wiki as up-to-date and perfect as possible, which took way too mich of my rare free time. Next to that, the list of cars I wanted became longer and longer, but the room to store them stayed the same as it always was: not enough to really be able to enjoy the hobby. Besides that, stores around here didn't sell new Hot Wheels, just old models. And the series I want to complete had to come from foreign countries or overseas, which made it a pretty expensive hobby. Basic models are here €2.10, sometimes €2.50 (which is $2.57/$2.92). Special series (Car Culture) would cost me €7.95 each ($9.27). But I'll try to crawl back to you guys on the Wiki. Though, spare time is very limited (I work 6 days/week + the Saturday I'm with the scouts, sea scouts (sailing and stuff)). Thank you for your kind words! Stephan3321 (talk) 13:50, June 5, 2018 (UTC)

HW 50th Race Team Mainline

I add the information of the 2018 Hot Wheels and By Series from HW 50th Race Team. Just so you know, I’ve a disability with Autism Spectrum Disorder and I did very great job for made corrected edits while I look information on web or Instagram. If you want to do on my talk page what I experience, feel free to comment me. Thanks. Tin-Tich3e (talk) 04:29 pm, June 5, 2018 (UTC)

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