There has always been a 'wow' factor attached to Volkswagen vehicles. From the time they rolled onto our shores in the '50s, with their unique styling, to the current wildly popular versions, Americans have always loved their bugs and micro buses. That 'wow' factor has been extended to the custom car circuit with VW's, displaying their cool paint-jobs, routinely getting choruses of kudos.

100% Hot Wheels offers this 2-car set in celebration of the uniqiuely American variations of the eye-catching Euro-classics we lovingly and playfully refer to as V-Dubyas.


The following vehicles were included in the V-Dubyas 2-Car Set:

Casting Name Color Photo
Volkswagen Bug Teal Miniatura HW Hot Wheels Volkswagen VW Fusca 1966 66 Volkswagen Bug Beetle 2003 V-DUBYAS 2 CAR SET (1)
Volkswagen Panel Bus White & Blue 14Q
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