This 100% Hot Wheels 2-Car Set revs the engines of two historic racing cars from the 1960's.

Jocko Johnson's Streamliner was an experiment in aerodynamic downforce. It was the first in the sport and gave birth to the term "streamlining". The car also featured a timed slipper clutch and equaled a world record in 1965 at Union Grove, Wisconsin, hitting a speed of 193 mph. Jocko was one of the first car builders to place the driver ahead of the engine for safety.

The Purple Gang Top Fuel Dragster was known for its striking candy purple paint job, full aluminum bodywork and immaculate appearance. The team of Ronnie Rapp, Vince Rossi, and Chayo Maldonado became legends at Southern California drag strips. They were always meticulously prepared, highly competitive and detail-minded.


The following vehicles were included in the Vintage Drag Experimental Racers 2-Car Set (57270):

Casting Name Color Photo
Streamliner White & Red Image Not Available
'60s 'Full Body' Dragster Purple Image Not Available
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