Released in 1996, the Vintage Race Team Set featured 4 Classic Hot Wheels Cars in the Hot Wheels Race Team deco.


Relive the thrill of red-hot racing action with vintage Hot Wheels cars!

'67 Mustang

Have you been searching for a lightning fast thoroughbred? Consider the '67 Mustang. This powerful pony car had many followers but none could beat the "Stang" for style and sizzle. We took the legendary Ford with its long hood, side scoops and chrome mag wheels, put down the convertible top, and gave it candy-color custom paint and cool decals for that California look. No detail was ignored in creating this Hot Wheels classic collectible. Race out and lasso one for your track today!

Classic Nomad

Need a little extra room while you're roamin' the roads? Then it's time to expand your thinking to include the Chevy Nomad. This classic '50s station wagon, originally built on a Corvette chassis, was designed as part sports car and part wagon. Our Classic Nomad is a sporty two-door with thick roof pillars angled at a steep forward rake to suggest speed and motion. We took the design one step further by adding a sun roof, "chrome" plastic side pipes, and a "passionately purple" paint job for that perfect Hot Wheels look!

Twin Mill

If you like to run with a fast crowd, the Twin Mill is the custom racer you'll want to own. Created by a former Chevy designer specifically for our fast tracks, this high-performance vehicle possesses the perfect combination of innovative suspension and track-hugging profile, making it a natural for Hot Wheels race sets. Its long, low, sleek body shape holds close to the track and handles short curves. With futuristic styling and performance, the Twin Mill is one concept car that became a Hot Wheels reality.


Bring in some heat to the beach in the exotic, chopped and dropped Deora. This customized pick-up, created by a former Chevy designer, is the ultimate beach rod. Complete with a spacious back bed, custom-contoured cab and cool, candy-color paint job, it is a street-legal attention getter. Surfboards and "chrome" plastic mag wheels complete its unique California look! Don't be a dipstick, dude! If you want to make a splash, pick yourself up a Deora - the real deal in muscle beach machines from Hot Wheels.


The Following Cars were in the Vintage Race Team 4-CarSet:

Casting Name Body Color Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Classic Nomad Metalflake Blue Unpainted Metal Clear White BW with Goodyear Tampo China Chevy Nomad - Vintage Race Team
Custom Mustang Metalflake Blue Chrome Metal Clear White RL China Custom Mustang - Vintage Race Team
Deora Metalflake Blue/White Unpainted Metal Clear White RL China Deora - Vintage Race Team
Twin Mill Metalflake Blue/White Metalflake Blue Clear White BW with Goodyear Tampo China Twin Mill - Vintage Race Team
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