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For 2011 Hot Wheels has released the Vintage Racing line, replacing the Dragstrip Demons. The 2011 series consists of 30 castings.

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2011 Vintage Racing

Toy # Series # Model Name Color Notes Photo Loose Photo Carded
T8466 01/30 Sox And Martin's '73 Plymouth Duster Sam 73 plymouth duster 2011 vr.png Image Not Available.jpg
T8459 02/30 Dan Gurney's '68 Mercury Cougar P1100787c 1000.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
T8465 03/30 Dick Landy's Dodge Challenger Dl dodge challenger 2011 vr.png Image Not Available.jpg
T8462 04/30 Dave Strickler's '70 Chevy Camaro RS StricklerOldReliable.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
T8453 05/30 A.J. Foyt's '65 Ford Mustang P1100782c 1000.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
T8540 06/30 '70 Dodge Challenger "Continental Shaker" Image Not Available.jpg New Picture.png
T8464 07/30 Shirley Shahan's '68 Dodge Dart "Drag-On-Lady" Image Not Available.jpg Vintage racing no7.JPG
T8539 08/30 Dick Landy's '68 HEMI Dart Image Not Available.jpg Vintage racing no8.JPG
T8460 09/30 George Follmer's '70 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Image Not Available.jpg 100 7542.JPG
T8451 10/30 Parnelli Jones's '70 Ford Mustang Boss 302 70 ford mustang boss 302 parnelli jones.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
T8461 11/30 Ed Terry's '70 Ford Mustang Image Not Available.jpg 100 7528.JPG
T8463 12/30 '74 Chevy Vega Pro Stock "Grumpy's Toy" 74VegaProStock Vintage.JPG Image Not Available.jpg
T8472 13/30 Darrel Waltrip's Mercury Cyclone 70MercuryCyclone Vintage.JPG Image Not Available.jpg
T8454 14/30 Dan Gurney's AAR 'Cuda Dan gurneys aar cuda.png Image Not Available.jpg
T8544 15/30 John Morton's BRE Datsun Bluebird 510 2011-VintageRacing-DatsunBluebird510.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
T8541 16/30 '74 Plymouth Duster "Mopar Missile" 7374Duster Vintage.JPG Image Not Available.jpg
T8467 17/30 '65 Ford Galaxie "I. Motors" 65FordGalaxie Vintage.JPG Image Not Available.jpg
T8471 18/30 '64 Galaxie 500 'M. Ford' Image Not Available.jpg IMG 1651a1000.jpg
T8458 19/30 Sam Posey's '70 Dodge Challenger Sam poseys 70 dodge challenger 2011 lime-green.png Image Not Available.jpg
T8534 20/30 '65 Ford 'A. Galaxie' IMG 1661 01c1000.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
T8536 21/30 Smokey Yunick's Chevelle Tribute Image Not Available.jpg Vintage racing 21.jpg
T8468 22/30 Richard Petty's '70 Plymouth Road Runner 2011-VR-22 (Large).JPG Vintage Racing Richard Petty's '70 Plymouth Road Runner.jpg
T8470 23/30 Richard Petty's '70 Plymouth Superbird 70-plymouth-superbird-11-vintage-racing-copy.jpg Image Not Available.jpg
T8535 24/30 Richard Petty's '71 Plymouth GTX Image Not Available.jpg 71 Plymouth GTX-01-01.JPG
T8452 25/30 Smokey Yunick's '67 Camaro 2011 - Vintage Racing (1) MAIN.jpg Vintage Racing Smokey Yunick's '67 Camaro.jpg
T8456 26/30 Marc Donohue's '71 AMC Javelin Image Not Available.jpg Vintage racing 26.JPG
T8457 27/30 Marc Donohue's '69 Sunoco Camaro Image Not Available.jpg HWVintageRacing69SunocoCamaro.jpg
T8469 28/30 A.J. Foyt's '69 Ford Torino Talladega Image Not Available.jpg Vintage racing 28.JPG
T8537 29/30 Junior Johnson's '65 Ford Galaxie 500 Image Not Available.jpg HWVintageRacing65JJFordGalaxie.jpg
T8538 30/30 Richard Petty's '69 Ford Torino Talladega Image Not Available.jpg Vintage racing 30.JPG

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