To custom car fanatics "cruisin" has become a weekly routine, but to the practitioners of the mystical and magical the ritual goes far beyond a Friday night spin to the hot dog stand. To the tricksters of Voodoo Highway, driving around like a zombie in anything less than the coolest of custom cars is an insult to the spirits of the two-lane asphalt.

Now, you too may become bewitched by the boulevard before you. The high priests of design at Hot Wheels Collectibles have conjured a spellbinding set of vehicles with super-natural graphics and super-charged engines, known as Voodoo Highway. So, hang your harlequin doll and qris-qris bag on your rear view mirror and take a mystical and magical trip down a road less travelled... Voodoo Highway.


The following vehicles were included in the Voodoo Highway 3-Car Set:

Year Model Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
2000 '70 Monte Carlo (Lowrider) Salmon Yellow Flames Black / Metal Clear Green Whitewall RR 24053 China '70MonteCarloLowriderVoodoo
2000 '63 Cadillac Fleetwood Black Large Red & Yellow flames on side Black / Metal Clear Red WW 24053 China Image Not Available
2000 Triclopz Blue White, Yellow Orange Flames Black / Metal Clear White RR3SP 24053 China HW- Triclopz - Voodoo Highway - 1999 -1
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