The WWE Series featured castings with decals representing WWE wrestlers. The first castings were released in 2005 in the form of two 2-packs. The next five castings were released in 2006 as a segment series. The last seven castings were released as a separate, stand alone series in 2007, with two cars from the 2-packs also being re-released as singles, bringing the total to nine. A playset was also released featuring two more castings exclusive to the set.



The Following Castings were in the WWE Series:

Casting Name Wrestler Featured Notes Picture
Monte Carlo Concept Car John Cena 2-pack exclusive MonteCarloConcept JohnCena
Dodge Viper GTS-R Booker T Later re-released as a single Viper GTSR - 05 Action Pack
Jaded Kane Later re-released as a single Jaded kane sleepercivic
Rodger Dodger The Undertaker 2-pack exclusive Rodgerdodgertheundertaker
Baja Breaker Triple H Segment Series 2006-Baja Breaker
'65 Chevy Impala Eddie Guerrero Segment Series 2006-'65 Impala
Ballistik WrestleMania 22 Segment Series 2006-Ballistik
Power Panel Batista Segment Series Power Panel - 06Mainline109 OR5SP
Sir Ominous Hulk Hogan Segment Series 2006-Sir Ominous
Vairy 8 Batista Vairy 8 - 2007 - WWE
'07 Cadillac Escalade John Cena Escaladewwe
Reverb The Rock Reverb-wwe-pr5
Olds 442 W-30 Stone Cold Steve Austin Olds442lifted WWE
Hummer H2 Triple H 2007 World Wrestling Entertainment Series CIMG1127
1971 Buick Riviera Rey Mysterio 2007 World Wrestling Entertainment Series CIMG1135
Anglia Panel Truck Roddy Piper 2007 World Wrestling Entertainment Series CIMG1129
Torque Screw Rey Mysterio Released with WWE Slam Fest Playset Torquescrewreymysterio2
Custom '69 Chevy The Rock Released with WWE Slam Fest Playset IMG 1417


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