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Wayne Arthur Scott Jr. is an all-around talented guy. This graphics guru at Hot Wheels has created some spectacular graphics in his years there. In 2010, Wayne Scott joined the designer ranks to come up with Tooligan, a multi-purpose tool/race car, and Rolling Thunder, a funny car with a whole lot of real estate for graphics which is right up Wayne's alley. He passed away on 26 March 2017, aged 45.

1/64 Scale

Year Casting Name Debut Series First Edition # Toy # Photo
2010 Tooligan 2010 New Models 2/44 R0917
Tooligan - 10 NM.jpg
2010 '71 El Camino Hot Wheels Garage 28/39 R3772
71ElCamino GarageSet.JPG
2010 Rolling Thunder Hot Wheels Garage 24/39 R3765
RollingThunder WG gold.JPG