Mattel has released many different wheel styles for Hot Wheels cars. This is a list of all types used between 1968 and the present, in order of first appearance. Also see Wheel Types (By Type) for more information.

Image Letter Code Type Years Used Notes
RLDD 1.png RLDD Redline/Red Stripe Deep Dish 1968
The "wheel" is inset a few millimeters from the "tire". Used on a few Hong Kong cars in 1968, came in small and medium sizes; attached with a white or pink bushing RLDD 2.png


Redline/Red Stripe (Type 1)(Bushing) 1968 - 1970
The "wheel" is flush with the "tire". Used on all cars from 1968 and 1969 as well as a few cars in 1970 Spoilers; attached with a white or pink bushing RLB 4.png
Redline.png RL Redline/Red Stripe (Capped) 1970 - 1974
Used on most 1970 cars and all cars from 1971 - 1972 and on a few cars between 1973 and 1974; 2 piece "cap" style wheel RLC 3.png
Redline.png RL Redline/Red Stripe (Dual) 1970 - 1972
Used on some of the Heavyweights RLD 3.jpg RLD 2.jpg
Redline2 - 6164bf.jpg RL2 Redline/Red Stripe (Type 2) 1973 - 1977 Used on most cars from 1973 - 1976, and on some in 1977
BW's - 6144bf.jpg BW Basic Wheel/Black Wall 1977 - 1997 Used on most cars from 1978 - 1980
Wheels.8SP.100x100.jpg 8SP 8 Spoke 1979 - 1981 Used on Hot Wheels Scorchers
GHO's - 6146bf.jpg HO Hot Ones 1980 - present Hot Ones, named for the HW line.  Big center disc with six short spokes.  Color variations
CR1 or 2 from CAT Bull Dozer.jpg CR2 Construction Rollers (Type 2) 1980 - 1992 Used on the CAT Bulldozer
MW - 7035bf.jpg MW Micro Wheel These are the tiny rollers used in Military-themed vehicles
WW's - 6147bf.jpg WW White Wall 1983 - present Same hub as BW and RL Type 2
GHRR's - 6148bf.jpg RR Real Riders 1983 - present Came with Gray, White, Red, Yellow or Orange hubs. Gray and White sometimes had "Goodyear" printed on the tires. The original Real Riders wheels are often referred to as "Real Riders turbine wheels" in recent years due to the vast variety of different hub styles of Real Riders now.
Wheels.ORRR.100x100.jpg RRtu/OR Real Riders turbine wheels w/Off-Road tires 1983 - Present Came with Gray or White hubs with "Goodyear" printed on tires
GY5DOT.png GY5DOT Goodyear 5 Dot 1983 Used on Shift Kickers
UH's - 6143bf.jpg UH Ultra Hots 1984-Present Originally for the Ultra Hots series in the mid-80's, but later used on other cars until 1995. Recently re-introduced on several castings in the "Hot Ones" line, (2011 - 2012)
CTS Wheel.jpg CTS Construction Tires (Type 2) 1985 - present 8-Dot Highly-ridged tire
ORCT's - 6155bf.jpg ORCT Off-Road Construction Tires 1985 - present 8-Spoke chrome construction wheels with a highly-ridged tire
XVWheel.png XV X-V Racers 5 Spoke 1986 – 1987 Used only on the X-V Racers series.
CR1.png CR1 Construction Rollers (Type 1) 1987 - 1994 Used only in CAT Road Roller
Wheel Cal Custom AGENTAIR.jpg TW Turbo Wheels 1989 - present Used for California Customs series
Power command wheel.jpg PCW / PCOM Power Command 1990
Wheels.RR.100x100.jpg RR Real Riders (Chrome Hub) 1992 - present
Wheels.GYRR.100x100.jpg RR/Gdyr Real Riders w/ Goodyear tampo (chrome hub) 1992 - present
Wheels AGENTAIR 55.jpg PC5 5 Spoke Pro-Circuit 1992 - present Used on Pro-Circuit cars
PC6.jpg PC6 6 Spoke Pro-Circuit 1992-present Used on Pro-Circuit Indy cars
Image Not Available.jpg RT Race Car Tires 1992-present Similar to RR, but with different hub. Came with or without red or white stripe. Best described as "NASCAR" race car tires
Limewheel.jpg LIW Lime Wheel 1992 - 1993 Used on only two cars, the 1992 Miata and the 1993 BMW 850i
Screamin wheels.jpg SCW Screamin' Wheels 1993 - present Only used on set cars. Treads make "screaming" sound when running down track
Wheels.MGW.100x100.jpg MGW Micro Gear Wheels 1993 - 2002 Used for really small wheels. About the same size as micro wheels
Wheels.RLRR.100x100.jpg RLRR3 Redline (Type 3) 1993 - 1994 Very similar to RL Type 2. Stripe is tampoed on instead of embossed
Wheels.RLRR.100x100.jpg RLRR Redline Real Riders 1994 - present
Wheels.WLRR.100x100.jpg WLRR Whiteline Real Riders 1995 - present
3SP's - 6149bf.jpg 3SP 3 Spoke 1995 - 2014 Last normal release was in 2008 on various Speed Racer models, but this same wheel type was then used on a Mega Bloks 3-in-1 car that was released in 2014 (Rage Rider CNF36 & Nitro Booster CNF35)
5SP's - 6150bf.jpg 5SP 5 Spoke 1995 - present
7SP.jpg 7SP 7 Spoke 1995 - present
Wheels.RL7SP.100x100.jpg RL7SP Redline 7 Spoke Wheels 1995 - present
Wheel hot hubs1 AGENTAIR.jpg HH Hot Hubs 1995 Used for Hot Hubs line
POW.jpg POW Progressive Oval Wheel 1995 Only used on one car in the mainline, the Suzuki Quadracer. Wheel was used on some cars for the Top Speed launcher cars as well
Wheels.BlackGYE7SP.100x100.jpg BlackGYE7SP Black 7 Spoke Wheels w/ Goodyear lettering 1995 - present
Wheels.GYEBW.100x100.jpg GYBW / GYEBW Basic Wheels w/ Goodyear lettering 1996 - 1997
MXV.png MXV Motorized X-V Racers 5 Spoke 1996 - 2000 Used only on the Motorized X-V Racers series.
5DOT.jpg 5DOT 5 Dot or 5 Hole 1996 - present Used for Deora II
HW Drag Wheel.jpg 10DOT 10-Dot 1996 - present Used on Volkswagen Drag Bus
SB's - 6152cf.jpg SB Saw Blade 1996 - present
ORSB's - 6157bf.jpg ORSB / SBCT /
Off Road Saw Blade / Saw Blade Construction Tire / Razor 1996 - present The SBCT reference was found on describing the tire on the 2001 Gulch Stepper (Final Run). A better example of the SBCT is on the 2000 Hot Wheels #111 Wheel Loader - a saw blade mounted on an official construction vehicle. However, by inspection, the ORSB and SBCT appear to be the same tire. The SBCT may just be the ORSB applied to construction vehicles. More commonly this wheel is refered to as Razor
2411bf.jpg LW Wire Spoke Lace Wheels (LW) (WSP) 1996 - present
Corgi wheel AGENTAIR 1.jpg Corgi Corgi (Type 1) 1996 - 1997 Used on old Corgi castings
Wheels AGENTAIR 48.jpg Corgi2 Corgi (Type 2) 1996 - 1997 Used on old Corgi castings
Wheels.RL5SP.100x100.jpg RL5SP Redline 5 Spoke Wheels 1997 - present
Wheels.BlackGY5SP.100x100.jpg BlackGY5SP Black 5 Spoke w/Goodyear lettering 1997 - present
Wheels.GYE7SP.100x100.jpg GY7SP 7 Spoke w/ Goodyear lettering 1997 - present
STAR.jpg STAR Star Wheel 1998 - 2000 Only used on the Short Nose Day Cab Truck.
CRTW.jpg CRTW Chrome Rim Transporter Wheel 1998 - 2003 Only used on the Blown Truck and Cabover Truck.
Wheels.GY5SP.100x100.jpg GYE5SP 5 Spoke w/ Goodyear Lettering 1998 - present
Wheels.WWRR.100x100.jpg WWRR White Wall Real Riders 1998 - present
6DOT.jpg 6DOT 6 Dot or 6 Hole 2000 - 2003 Only used on the Streamlined Cabover Truck
PR5's - 6151bf.jpg PR5 PR5 2000 - present Named after Phil Riehlman
GW.jpg GW Gear Wheel 2001 - 2003 Only used on the Short Nose Sleeper Cab Truck.
SBTW.jpg SBTW Saw Blade Transporter Wheel 2001 - 2003 Only used on the Long Nose Day Cab Truck. Micro5SP Micro 5SP (Black Hub) 2001 - present Replaced MGW Micro5SP Micro 5SP (Gray Hub) 2001 - present Replaced MGW
SCR1.pngSCR2.png SCR Scooter 2001 - 2007 Only used on Mo' Scoot
6SPS.jpg 6SPS 6 Spoke Split 2002 - 2003 Only used on the Pod Truck.
8petal.jpg 8petal 8 Petal Wheel 2002 - 2003 Only used on the Future Truck.
Wheels AGENTAIR 14.jpg OR5SP Off Road 5 Spoke 2002 - present
Redline.png RLC Redline (Type 4) 2002 - present Used on Limited-Edition cars from
Wheels AGENTAIR 35.jpg SK5 Skinny Wheel 2002 - present
2418bf.jpg Y5 'Y' 5 Spoke Wheel 2002 - present
Wheels AGENTAIR 106.jpg RR5SP 5 Spoke Mag-Style Real Riders 2002 - present
Wheels AGENTAIR 60.jpg RRMAG Mag-Style Real Riders 2002 - present
Wheels AGENTAIR 108.jpg RR6SP 6 Spoke Real Riders 2002 - present
Wheels AGENTAIR 28.jpg RRPrf Preferred Series Real Riders 2002 - present
2409bf.jpg 10SP 10 Spoke 2003 - present
CM5 - 6345bf.jpg CM5 Co-Molded Wheel or CoMo 2003 - 2005 First used on Highway 35 cars
Wheels.CoMo.100x100.jpg CoMo Co-Molded Wheel 2003 - present Also used on some AcceleRacers Metal Maniacs cars,early RD-06 cars,and a few Scilencerz cars
Wheels.RRBNG.100x100.jpg RRBNG BNG Real Rider 2003 - present
6161bf.jpg HF5 5 Spoke
no axe role
2003 Used on 35th Anniversary Deora II, real rubber tire
RU6SP.png RU6SP Rev Ups 6 Spoke 2003 - 2012 Used only on the Rev-Ups series, based on CM6.
RVOR6SP.png RUOR6SP Rev Ups Offroad 6 Spoke 2003 - 2012 Used only on the Rev-Ups series, based on OR6SP.
Tmhk.jpg TMHK Tomahawk 2004 - present Only used on the Dodge Tomahawk
Bling Wheel.jpg BLING Blings Wheel 2004 - present Used mainly on Blings models
Wheel Bling2a AGENTAIR.jpg 5SP BLING 5 Spoke Blings 2004 - present
Wheel Bling AGENTAIR.jpg 6SPBLING 6 Spoke Blings 2004 - present
Wheel Bling3 AGENTAIR.jpg TD BLING Tear Drop Blings 2004 - present Whips Series West Coast Customs - (New School) Mercedes SL55 and (Team Baurtwell) '69 Dodge Charger
Wheels AGENTAIR 25.jpg 10SPBLING 10 Spoke Blings 2004 - present
Wheels AGENTAIR 54.jpg TT Torque-Thrust 2005
Wheels AGENTAIR 4.jpg CM6 Co-Molded 6-Spoke or A6SP 2005 - 2010 First used on AcceleRacers cars
2423bf.jpg FTE Faster Than Ever 2005 - present Cars with this wheel had special nickel-plated axles, reducing friction and increasing the car's speed. Always a "bronze" color
OH5SP.png OH5 / OH5SP Open Hole 5-Spoke 2005 - present Same style as FTE, but lacks nickel-plated axles, also comes in silver, gold and many other colors
CHMcD5SP Large.jpg CHMcD5SP China McDonald's 5SP 2005 A wheel used for some China-made Hot Wheels around 2005, including the McDonald's Happy Meal Rivited. It is similar but NOT the same as the FTE or OH5SP Wheels
Wheels.BFG5SP.100x100.jpg BFG5SP BF Goodrich 5 Spoke 2005 - present
Wheels.BFGRR.100x100.jpg BFGRRR BF Goodrich Real Riders 2006 - present
Wheel street show AGENTAIR.jpg SS5SP Street Show 5 Spoke 2007 - present
Wheel street show2 AGENTAIR.jpg SSO5SP Street Show Open 5 Spoke 2007 - present
Wheels.ORMC.100x100.jpg ORMC Off-Road Motorcycle 2007 - present
Image Not Available.jpg RPR5 Rumblers Phil Riehlman 5-Spoke 2008 Only used on the Rumblers model Light Rider.
Image Not Available.jpg R5SP Rumblers 5-Spoke 2008 Only used on the Rumblers model Night Storm.
Image Not Available.jpg R10SP Rumblers 10-Spoke 2008 Only used on the Rumblers model Night Storm.
Image Not Available.jpg RBLING Rumblers Bling 2008 Only used on theRumblers model Sonic Surfer.
LW5SPRR - 07526bf.jpg RRLW5 Larry Wood 5 Spoke Real Rider 2009 - present Used on the Larry's Garage series
RRlw.png RRLW Firestone Real Rider with Lace Wheel 2009 - present First used on the IndyCar Series
CR Blk OR6SP.jpg OR6SP Off Road 6 Spoke 2009 - present
RRDragS.jpg RRDragS Real Rider Drag Slick 2009 - present First used in the Dragstrip Demons Series
MiniRR5SP.jpg Mini RR5SP Mini Real Rider 5 Spoke 2009 - present First used in the Dragstrip Demons Series
DSD12SP.jpg DSD12SP Dragstrip Demon 12SP 2009 - present First used as the Front Wheels on some castings in the Dragstrip Demons Series.
Moto type 3.jpg MC3 Motorcycle (Type 3)
Motorcycle Type 5.jpg MC5 (Moto) Motorcycle (Type 5) Like the MC3 but with 5 spokes
2010 MC5 Wheel.jpg MC5 (Muscle) Muscle Car 5-Spoke 2010 - Present
RRE RealRiderExotic.JPG RRE Real Rider Exotic 2010 - Present Similar to a PC5 wheel in appearance, with a Real Rider wheel
J5 wheel.JPG J5 Japanese 5 Spoke 2010 - Present
Wheels AGENTAIR 61.jpg GYE10SP Goodyear Eagle 10-Spoke Tires Comes with or without lettering Lettering-(R10SP)
McDonald's GYE10SP - 7478bf.jpg GYE10SP Goodyear Eagle 10-Spoke Tires The version of the GYE10SP found on McDonald's Hot Wheels
Dish.jpg MD Moon Disc 2010 - Present Released in Hot Wheels Garage and 2010 Trea$ure Hunt$ Series
8 spoke white wall larrys garage.jpg 8SPWW 8-Spoke White Wall 2010 - Present Released in Larry's Garage series
RRS-Chrome-1.jpg RRS Real Riders Steelie 2010 - Present First appeared in Nostalgia Series. Appeared in Chrome and Gold Chrome
RRDragD.jpg RRDragD Real Rider Drag Dish 2010 - Present First used in the Dragstrip Demons Series
MiniRRDragD.jpg Mini RRDragD Mini Real Rider Drag Dish 2010 - Present First used in the Dragstrip Demons Series
RRC - Real Rider Cobra Wheel.JPG RR10SP Real Rider 10 Spoke 2011 - Present
Green Line Black RR8SP.png RR8SP Real Riders 8 Spoke 2011 - Present
FTE2Wheel.jpg FTE2 Faster Than Ever 2 2011 - Present Also new FTE wheel type
TRAP5.png TRAP5 Trapezoid 5 Spokes 2011 - Present
BFFOH5SP.png BFFOH5SP Battle Force 5 Open Hole 5-Spoke 2011 Used exclusively on the Fangore from the Battle Force 5 Fused series
High-Speed Wheel - Orange.jpg HSW High-Speed Wheel 2012 First appeared in Team Hot Wheels High-Speed Wheel Series. Appeared in Orange, Blue, White and Green. These wheels also had nickel-plated

axles as well. Some consider these to be FTE3.

RSW.png RSW Retro Slot Wheels 2013 - Present So far only seen on Hot Wheels Cool Classics
Green Clover ORRRPrf.png ORRRPrf Off-Road Preferred Real Rider 2013 - Present Debuted on the 2013 Hot Wheels Boulevard '88 Jeep Wagoneer
Silver MMW.png MMW Mutant Machines Wheel 2014 A small wheel located in the middle of the Mutant Machines cars
Hgif.jpg HSRW High Speed Racing Wheel 2014 - Used in the Hot Wheels High Speed Racing Wheels segment
WWSRR.png WWSRR White Wall Slotted Real Riders 2014 - present Used on the Ford Super De Luxe from the Retro Entertainment Series (Back to the Future)
Red Line ORDDRR.png ORDDRR Red Line Off-Road Deep-Dish Real Riders 2014 - present Used on Texas Drive 'Em from Pop Culture Series: General Mills
Bead Lock Off road wheel (BLOR).jpg BLOR Beadlock Off-Road Wheel 2015 - Present Used on the 2015 Hot Trucks Series Toyota Baja Truck
D6DOT, Chrome Blue.png D6DOT Double 6-Dot 2016 - present Introduced with the Super Rigs series, on Galactic Express.
C4SPRR.png C4SPRR Chrome Classic 4-Spoke Real Rider 2016 - present First used on the Car Culture (Japan Historics) series.
MCRR.png RRMC Real Riders Modern Concave wheels (chrome hubs) 2016 - present First used on the Car Culture (Euro Style) series.
ECTO2WHEEL.png MotoWSP Clear & Black Motorcycle Wirespoke 2016 - present Used on the 2016 Ecto-2.
DD8.png DD8 Deep Dish 8-Spoke 2016 - present First introduced at the end of 2016 on the Custom '56 Ford Truck from the 2017 mainline. The wheel has 8 small spokes that do not reach all the way to the center. It consist of multiple rings from which the outer ring can be colored.
Sky-Domw-Rear Chrome RA6 DSCF9467.jpg RA6 Ryu Asada 6-Spokes 2017 - present Used on the New for 2017 El Viento and Speedy Pérez models.
MiniC4SP.jpg MiniC4SP Mini Classic 4-Spoke 2017 - present Used on the '60s Fiat 500D Modificado from the Car Culture (Air-cooled) series. Mini version of the C4SPRR.
RRAWs.png RRA Real Rider Aero 2017 - present Used on the Porsche 962 from the Car Culture (Race Day) series.
IJ.png ST8 Steelie 8-Spoke 2017 - present Used on the Fast Gassin from the HW City Works series.
HW50wheel.JPG HW50 / HW50RT Hot Wheels 50 / HW50 Race Team (Anniversary) 2018 Currently exclusive for the Hot Wheels Racing Team Series commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Hot Wheels.
HW50ST 1.png HW50STYLE Hot Wheels 50 Style 2018 Found on the 2019 '68 Mercury Cougar, Same wheels as the 50th anniversary wheel w/o the 50 on it.
VOLKSWHEEL.png RRF52T Real Rider Fifteen52 Turbomac 2018 - present First used on the Volkswagen Transporter T1 Pickup from Car Culture: Team Transport
VOLKSWHEEL2.png           RRF52O Real Rider Fifteen52 Outlaw 2018 - present First used on the Porsche 356 Speedster from Car Culture: Team Transport
RR6SPMGold.JPG RR6SPM Real Rider 6 Spoke Mag 2018 - present First used on the Nissan Silvia S15 from Hot Wheels Replica Entertainment
Unimogwheel.png ORRR6SPM Off-Road Real Rider 6 Spoke Mag 2018 - present First used on the Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 1300 from Pop Culture
BAJA5.jpg BAJA5 Baja 5-Spoke Basic Wheel 2018 - Present First used on the 2019 New Model 2-Tuff  from the 2019 HW Hot Trucks Series.
Aerodisc.jpg AeroDisc Aero Disc 2018 - Present First used on the 2018 '85 Honda City Turbo II
Darth Vader (MT) 03.jpg MT5SP Monster Truck 5-Spoke 2018 - Present Used on Darth Vader from the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks series
ID5SP (From Arachnorod HWID).jpg ID5 (ID5SP) Hot Wheels iD 2019 - Present Exclusive for the Hot Wheels id cars
MK Yoshi.jpg MK4slot Mario Kart 2019 - Present Exclusive for the Mario Kart Vehicles
RR8DOT.jpg RR8DOT Real Riders 8 Dot 2019 - Present
Image Not Available.jpg RR5SPM Real Riders 5 Spoke Modern 2020 - Present
Image Not Available.jpg RR10SPM Real Riders 10 Spoke Modern 2020 - Present

Wheels AGENTAIR 42.jpg Wheels AGENTAIR 70.jpg Wheels AGENTAIR 82.jpg Wheels AGENTAIR 27.jpg Wheels AGENTAIR 77.jpg


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