Wild Things 5-Pack
Produced 2007
Number K6178

5Pack 2007 CrazyCars

Originally released in 2007 as Wild Things 5-Pack, the name was later changed to Crazy Cars 5-Pack. The set featured 5 unusual cars. Below are the cars in this 5-Pack.

Casting Name Body Color Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Blastous Metallic Red & Gloss Black Unpainted Metal Yellow OH5 Thailand Blastous CrazyCars
Cyclops Metallic Orange Unpainted Metal Amber Black PR5 Thailand Cyclops CrazyCars
Fore Wheeler Metalflake Grey, White Unpainted Metal None Flat Black 5SP Thailand TeedOff wildthings
Popcycle Metalflake Dark Blue Unpainted Metal Yellow Chrome 5DOT Thailand Popcycle CrazyCars A
Semi-Psycho Green, Light Blue Unpainted Metal None Light Blue Large OH5 Thailand SemiPsycho CrazyCars


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