The X-Raycers 5-Pack (CDT23) was released in 2015.

Some cars in this 5 pack have showed up in various multipacks.



The following castings were in the X-Raycers 5-Pack (CDT23):

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
Horseplay CDT23 Thailand 2015. Horseplay. X-Raycers. Jack Chen..JPG
Road Rocket Transparent Burgundy White, Red & Yellow designs on sides Unpainted / Metal Red tint Transparent Yellow OH5 CDT23 Thailand Base code(s): J11 Updated tooling IMG 0761.JPG
Phastasm CDT23 Thailand Image Not Available.jpg
Stockar Translucent light blue Silver and Gold Tampos, Hot Wheels logo on sides Metal Clear Gray Translucent Orange plastic, Black 5SP Malaysia Base code(s): 2015 xraycers 5 pack.jpg
Power Rocket Transparent Black, Green & Silver deco on sides Metalflake Silver / Metal Clear Green Chrome Clear Green OH5 CDT23 Thailand No openable canopy

Base code(s):

IMG 0758.JPG

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