The Xtermigator
Debut Series 2016 Monster Jam Series
Produced 2016
Number Bryan Benedict


The Xtermigator debuted in 2014. The truck is a sponser truck for Amalie Motor Oil. The truck features an alligator design, and, in 2015, the truck features a custom front grille, which is designed to resemble an alligator's mouth. Presently, there are two Xtermigator trucks running the circuit, one with black gums and the other with red gums.

In 2016, the Hot Wheels version of Xtermigator was supposed to be released worldwide, but only got released internationally. It is very rare and recently went for $200 USD on Facebook.

In 2018 it was revealed to a fan by JR McNeal that Xtermigator wouldn't be made in SpinMaster's line of trucks in 2019, but rather, Mattel would be making Xtermigator in 2019, (and it was also revealed that if Xtermigator was ever remade by Hot Wheels, that it would feature the 3D body with the teeth) alongside the rest of Razin Kane Racing once Mattel acquired a contract with an Independent Monster Truck Tour Runner, presumably Monster Truck Throwdown.


Xtermigator has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Year # Subset Photo
2016 - Standard
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