Debut Series Speed Demons
Produced 1987 - Present
Designer Larry Wood
Number 3852
Zombot GldUH


The Zombot is pretty much exactly what it sounds like; a robot, except on wheels. A rifle is seen being held by said robot. The casting has a unique ability that allows it to stand up on its two feet without falling over. In 2017, the tooling for the Zombot was changed; the base and machine gun were altered, with the machine gun being a full piece sort of integrated into the body and riveted to the base.


The Zombot has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Body Color / Type Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
53 1987 Speed Demons Gold Chrome w/Pink Chrome gun ZAMAC NA NA UH 3852 Malaysia Zombot GldUH
53 1987 Speed Demons Gold Chrome w/Pink Chrome gun ZAMAC NA NA Chrome GHO 3852 Malaysia Zombot GldHO
224 1993 Speed Demons Blue Chrome w/Pink Chrome gun ZAMAC NA NA UH 4346 Malaysia Zombot Blu
224 1993 Speed Demons Black Chrome w/Clear Orange gun ZAMAC NA NA UH 4346 Malaysia Zombot Tnt
224 1995 Speed Demons Tinted Chrome w/ Clear Orange gun ZAMAC NA NA 7SP 4346 Malaysia Zombot Crm
460 1996 Mainline Dark Grey & Silver w/ Clear Orange gun Bright Orange
NA NA 5SP 15971-0910 China Zombot Blk
2007 Fright Cars 8/8 Gold Chrome ZAMAC NA NA Gold RR5SP M3080 Thailand Wal-Mart Exclusive only Zombot Gold
2010 Color Shifters Creatures Blue & Purple Metalflake Black
NA NA Gold 5SP R7791 Thailand Base code(s): Zombot-2010 Color Shifters Creatures
2011 The Hot Ones Blue Chrome ZAMAC NA NA BW W1586 Thailand Base code(s): 2011 Hot Ones - Zombot
5PK 2014 Street Beasts Green Clear ZAMAC Orange(Machine gun) NA OH5 BFB30 Thailand Base code(s): 20150623-0005
- 2018 HW Robots
Red Black
NA NA Gray RA6 FBK32 Malaysia Treasure Hunt
Updated tooling
Base code(s): K45, K46
2018 HW Robots
Blue ZAMAC NA NA 10SPBL FJX30 Malaysia Base code(s): L20, L21 Zombot Standing 2018 HW Robots

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